A Gift Of Kindness Begets Kindness

A Gift Of Kindness Begets Kindness

"Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

We hear that Random Acts of Kindness Day is coming up on 17 February and we were reminded of some heartwarming and unique stories from our customers of the stories behind their gifts. Not the usual birthday, anniversary, or farewell gift, but intentional gifts to thank someone for their kindness. An act that had left a deep impression, and warmed their hearts. We hope they inspire you as much they have done for us!


1. "... truly grateful towards your patience, commitment and sincerity"

An extremely thoughtful gesture from a bride to her wedding coordinator, this gift set was a token of appreciation for all the help they have received especially due to the COVID-19 Safe Management Measures, and as a gift of encouragement to persevere on. We love how she picked our Customised Preserved Floral Dome and Crystal Scented Candle set which are perfect to uplift someone's mood. 

A gift like that is more heartwarming, heartfelt and lasting than a traditional gift of a red packet (with cash). What do you think?

2. "Thank you for your time today..."

A gift of time - isn't that the most precious? This gift set was particularly memorable for us because of that, and how our customers wanted to thank Eric for taking the time out of his busy schedule to share his knowledge at a professional development platform. Kindness begets kindness :) 

Thoughtfully chosen as well - this gift set of our Customised Terrazzo Holder and Customised Handphone Stand is perfect for hustlers and for the work environment. More suggestions on functional and presentable gifts for the workplace to elevate your mood and boost your productivity here.

3. "... to let them know just how wonderful they are..."

They say, "It takes a village to raise a child." Indeed. Most of time, we customise gifts to welcome a newborn and congratulate the new parents, so this order from the new mummy herself really came as a touching surprise and an inspiration to us! Haha we were not even the ones receiving the gifts but we literally went "Awwwwwwwwww". Her picks were our Customised Preserved Floral Bluetooth Speaker, Customised Preserved Floral Round Diffuser, and Customised Preserved Floral Dome

Together with her little one, they wanted to thank Grandma, Grandaunt and Aunty Sukini for helping them in the pregnancy journey and to share with them how excited they are to embark on new adventures together.

Cues "Awwwwwwwwwww"! 

4. "... despite you being so busy..."

An act of kindness that didn't go unnoticed. Why? Because you went above and beyond. Because you were kind and kindness begets kindness :)

This gift set was particularly memorable for us, and was picked by our customer to thank and appreciate Wan In for taking time to set up the birthday meal for everyone despite her being so busy. A gift that tells you - I see you, I recognise you, and I am grateful towards you. 


Kindness begets kindness and we look forward to helping you craft gifts to thank the ones who have shown you kindness <3 Customise a gift here today!

 Commemorating Every Occasion With You,


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