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  • Top 7 Most Unique Personalised Gifts in Singapore For Any Occasion

    Celebloons has a whole collection of personalised gifts such as mugs, and trinket trays. Plus, they’re constantly expanding their catalogue to bring gift givers more choices! Add your friend’s name or a personalised touch to their classy items and there you have it – a practical, unique gift.

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  • Best Corporate Gifts in Singapore For The Festive Season Ahead

    Specialising in customised gifts, Celebloons hope to celebrate life's every occasion with you. Whether it’s sending your thanks, encouragement, appreciation or just a care package for your colleagues, you’ll find a range of products on here that make the cut. Not sure what to get for your next corporate gifting occasion? Browse Celebloons' recommendations on this page, based on the different categories of occasions and gifts! You can also view their collection pages that have a section on recommended occasions for each type of gift.

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  • 10 Personalised Gifts In Singapore For Friends Who Just Landed A New Job

    We all know someone who needs a cup of coffee or 2 to get through the work day. And if your friend will be leaving their mug in the office pantry, having it personalised with their name also means it won’t be easily mixed up with their coworkers’ cups. Celebloons has 18 types of customised mugs on top of its many other personalised gifts in Singapore.

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  • Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her | Ultimate Gift Guide

    For ladies who think that flowers are not practical, Celebloons offer preserved flowers that come in the form of a soothing night light and aroma diffuser for practical usage. You can customize your girlfriend’s or wife’s name onto the decorative art piece for a touch of uniqueness.

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  • With 3.4M YouTube subscribers, we are honoured to be part of beauty content creator, Tina Yong's, Small Business Haul!

  • From the sleep expert, SG Supernanny, and TikTok Positivity Advocate - Gifts for someone who has 'almost everything'!

  • Gypsie Reunites With Her Siblings (Customised Pet Bowls)

    No birthdays or gatherings should go without gifts! Celebloons who does gift customisations chipped in on this birthday get-together with personalised water bowls for Gyps, Bowie, Panda, Kiyo, Lukas and Sydney! What an extremely sweet gesture and I love the quality of the bowls too! 

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    Thank you, @mmlittlee, for the feature!

  • SG's OG Influencer and our benefactor, we are forever grateful to customise gifts for Xiaxue!

    View @xiaxue's Instagram Stories under our Instagram Highlight, Features II

  • curated customised giftsets gift hampers singapore giftshop corporate giftset appreciation gift birthday gift singapore

    Star-struck: Honoured to customise gifts for The Queen of Caldecott Hill, Ah Jie Zoe Tay!

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  • Our first supporter - thank you for always thinking of us, Wendy and Shannon!

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  • From birthdays to wedding to being a Mom, we are thankful for Zonia Raymond's unwavering support!

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  • A Lifestyle, Beauty & Mummy Blogger, we are humbled to have Elaine being such a strong advocate for us!

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  • Always tagging us in her beautiful photographs, we love seeing how our gifts bring joy to Cindy's daily routines!

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  • Journeying through gender reveals and baby celebrations, we are happy to have been part of Limaran's many precious memories!

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  • Lifting the mood of the kind-hearted local actress, Tracy, with our bluetooth speaker!

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  • Kereen

    Always so so in love with their meticulous and pretty packaging! From individually packed customised gifts to name tags for sorting each bag and every bag contains a care tip card! I won’t even have to worry that I grab the wrong bag! It has been YEARS but the dedication they put into their works in always so constant and impressive!

  • Germaine

    If you're looking for a pretty and useful gift, check @celebloons out! They have great pieces and reasonable prices too ♥️

  • Lia

    Thank you for taking my same day request order, the Teachers were so delighted upon receiving. We support local, and ur service is beyond what i expected!

  • Grace

    Just checked the items, all correct! And I’m very very VERY impressed by u and ur team! Everything is packed nicely and very very well done. Thank you to team Celebloons!😃👍🏼

  • Shelley

    It’s my 4th order and definitely not the last!

  • LF Tea

    Thank you very much for rushing this order and sending it out on such short notice. Appreciates it very much! Will surely recommend your business to my family and friends.

  • Wen Tirng

    My colleagues look forward to their teachers’ day gifts yearly now! I’m so happy whenever u have new products!

  • Yuting and Ruishan

    Thank you for making this surprise gift happen for my friend! 

    This 💯 thoughtful gift is wonderfully curated/ made! Thank you! 🥰💕

  • Elyzabeth

    Thank you @celebloons for always delivering the nicest customised gifts!

  • Jes

    Excellent service! Arranged some gifts for my friends in Singapore when I was travelling!

  • Ika

    I will recommend to my friends, you so friendly to customers💕

  • Yan Qing

    Very satisfied with the purchase :) Will definitely keep Celebloons in mind for my future customised gifts purchase!

  • Jessica

    They are so pretty and nicely packed! Thanks for saving me from having to wrap them individually! 😍

  • Elsa

    Thanks for the wonderful service!

  • Kelly

    My colleagues love it! I hope with this picture, more people will know about your brand!

  • Susan

    Quality of all items are v good! Thanks! :)

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  • Boya

    Wanted to find a gorgeous personalised housewarming gift for my friends and chanced upon Celebloons’ Terrazzo Mugs! Very satisfied with the speedy customisation & delivery process. They’re look perfect and I know my friends will love them.

  • Wendy @thisisshannongoh

    Settled Shannon’s teachers’ day presents with none other than one of our fav small shops - @celebloons ! 🎈#supportlocalsmallshops 🎈We selected the double-walled medium glass with handle for her teachers as we felt that it was a practical gift and a good size for coffee/tea. 😉☕️🍵

  • Xin Yuan

    It was great! The packaging and gifts are so lovely, thank you for rushing my last-min order again 😆💕

  • Shruti

    Thank you for creating such beautiful items! Truly appreciate and wishing you all a very happy and successful new year!!

  • Siti

    the recipient love love the pressie :) thanks once again!! will definitely come back to order from you again ❤️

  • Vicky

    Will probably order more from u guys. Ur products r great!

  • Maoi De Leon

    thanks so much! Our boss super liked it 👍👍 Thanks for coordinating everything!

  • Syafiqah

    My friend love both the flower and the candle too! Its pretty!!! Thank you and will definitely celebrate with you again! 😍😍

  • Casilin

    Received my order already! Thanks for rushing it out!! It’s so pretty!

  • Keryn

    Thanks so much! Love your customisable gift set btw! Will shop more frequent next time 😍

  • Hasmiza

    Will definitely have u in mind for future gifting!

  • Laurentia

    Thank you, @celebloons, for making it happen!

  • Ying Ying

    Thank you so much! Looks just like the photos!

  • Brenda

    Thank you ☺️ is so pretty 😍

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  • Cindy

    Thank you for the nicely curated and ready-made gift set! Really love the personalised gifts in your store. The beautiful gifts have really helped to send some cheer to my friend and chased the post partum blues away. Thanks for the prompt replies and fast delivery too!

  • Lilian

    Good mix of cute and practical items. My baby loves the chick carousel with the lights, music and movement. The suction plate and bibs will come handy soon once he starts solids too.

  • Shannon @thisisshannongoh

    Took a break from HBL to assemble this! I must say that it was a good arm workout 💪🏼 for Shannon who had no prior experience in handling a real screwdriver and nails. 😆 So the arrival of this kit is a good teachable moment for her to learn some skills not covered during HBL. 🤣 She hasn’t decide what she should put inside the box yet but I guess it is ok to just display the box as it is for it comes with a meaningful quote “One Step At A Time”, which is an excellent reminder to tell her to take small steps to achieve her big dreams. 💭View her review and TikTok video here!

  • Nessa

    Amazed at how much effort put in to curate such a customised box; dreamy yet practical with quality products mummies would like to have for their babies!

  • Jacquelyn

    The gifts are well-received and beautiful and my friend loved it! Thank you for rushing out this order for me!

  • Skylar @thisisshannongoh

    Skylar was really happy with the rainbow stacker (for it came in her fav colour-pink!). I think what topped it off were the 3 poms poms that were included! 😍 You can expect endless possibilities of fun for a kid with just the 3 poms poms and wooden arches. 😄 #simplejoys

    View her review and more pictures here!

  • Sharon

    Love everything from that package!! 😍😍 They are not only beautiful but also useful!! Keep up with the good work!! 👍🏻👍🏻🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

  • Natalie

    Passed to the mummy alr hehe she loves it!

  • Rachel

    Yes I love it! Quite therapeutic watching the carousel!

  • Winnie

    Everything went well and my cousin loved the gift for my niece!

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  • Janice

    My colleague who is a mother of two, decided to leave the company to be a full time stay home home. I got her the aroma diffuser + humidifier as I hope that the gift can help her to relax and recharge after a long day of caring for her kids :)

  • Roxane and Tricia

    A perfect birthday gift for our friend with the lovely flower, romantic light and aroma smell. She love it and so do we. 😍😍😍

  • Joyce

    Purchased their diffuser gift for a friend’s birthday! She liked her customized gift very much.

  • Geraldine

    So gorgeous! Immediately used - will definitely repurchase as gifts!

  • Salleha

    The bride loved it! So do the rest of us!

  • Tegan

    I received it thx so much, Its even more beautiful in real life!

  • Priscilla

    The diffuser is very pretty 😍 hope my sis in law likes it :)

  • Fahana

    They are so beautiful! I can't wait to give them to my mum and sister on their birthday 😄

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  • Elaine @sugar73

    Used my @celebloons speakers, super shiok to watch show! 🛀🧼

  • Alena

    I’m a happy customer shopping at celebloons! Bought the speaker for myself and so pleasant with my purchase! Fast delivery n quality product :) very satisfied and will definitely recommend to others!

  • Sabrina

    Thanks so much for arranging the delivery! They have received it in good order and they love the gifts!

  • Cherie

    Thank u.. is soo pretty! I’m already considering for next friend's bday!

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  • Shelley

    My friend has received the mug and he absolutely loves it (: it’s my 4th order and definitely not the last!

  • Simran

    I have received the mountain glasses! They are wonderful! Thank you so much!

  • Bharat

    Hey, the gift reached my colleague & she really loved it! Thanks so much for coordinating and making this process smooth! :)

  • Fifi

    Thank you @appleinabasket for getting Mr Chung and I chio customized marble mugs!!

  • Rennie

    The pretty mug customised with my papa's name is just the right size for his daily coffee and tea!!

  • Gabriel

    thank you @celebloons for the awesome service too! 😁👍🏼

  • Phillane

    And we have been using it everyday since! 😍😍😍

  • Shirlene

    Pretty cup from @celebloons!

  • Felicia

    Thank you, @celebloons, for customising the gift!

  • Jialing

    The mugs are so pretty!

  • Van

    Was rly nice! I'm using the terrazzo mug now keke its so beautiful!

  • Shonna

    Will be back for more orders 😊

  • Sharon

    I love it so much, the quality looks good too💕Thank you😊

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  • Wen Ling

    Thanks so much for this @celebloons I love your customised glass dome with triple preserved flower (medium pink) and light ! so much ❤️ !!!

  • Xin Hui

    I received the items already and they were so pretty!! Thank u for ur help all these time! atb for ur business!! Will definitely buy from you again 💙💙

  • Christine

    Thanks so much for the really lovely & pretty rose domes. Delivery arrive this morning. My gal loves it and can't wait to give it to her teachers 💕

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  • Hannah

    Thank you for the mug & coaster! It was really pretty! ☺️ She loved them! Thank you so much, your service is 10/10 too! Would definitely visit your shop again! 🤩🤩

  • Elaine @sugar73

    Bought and personalised Mermaid Trinket trays from @celebloons - thank you for the wonderful service as always!

  • Fiona

    So pretty! Received with thanks babe! I’ve made a right choice to get this for them! So lovely!

  • Ariel

    Love the gorgeous trinket tray from @celebloons. A pretty and unique ring holder wiht our names initial on it!

  • My colleagues love it so much, they said it is so pretty!

  • Clover

    ~Got myself an amazing gift! I love customised pieces~

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  • Shellen

    I want one more for myself, my mom took mine! Super useful, can watch shows and cut veggies at the same time!

  • Wendii

    My #1 fav choice for personalised gifting!

  • Anita

    Birthday gal was very happy with the gift!

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  • Column

    Well-received in Japan, Narumi loves it!

  • Peixin

    Fast delivery! Seller is very responsive! (Facebook Review)

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  • Sher Li

    Thanks for coming up with the terrarium.. my little one loves it and assign individually to her teachers. Always think of your gifts whenever teacher’s day is coming!

  • Denise

    The gifts are so so gorgeous! Will recommend u to my friends

  • Yii Min

    Received the items, thank you! Really like it alot <3

  • Yu Ping

    I have received the terrarium and its really pretty!! Thank you!!☺️

  • Mia

    Love these gifts! Thanks for having them!

  • Chloe

    Received it in perfect condition. It is really pretty. Thanks!!

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  • May @mmlittlee

    No birthdays should go without gifts! @Celebloons who does gift customisations chipped in on this get-together with personalised water bowls for Gyps, Bowie, Panda, Kiyo, Lukas and Sydney! What an extremely sweet gesture and I love the quality of the bowls too!

  • @peter_the_shepherd

    Peter got a fancy new bowl from @celebloons! They were so kind to send Peter a new customised water bowl. 🥰 Now Peter can drink his water and feel ✨fancy✨ The bowl is in marble pink and cursive font! If anyone is interested in getting new bowls for their doggos. 😜

  • @oreopandadog

    Hooman got me this awesome customized bowl from @celebloons !! It is a super classy and stylish 😍😍It’s also very deep, so I can easily eat my food! 100% recommended 🤪🤪

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  • Storge Inc.

    When a dear friend approached me to do premium party bags for her son’s birthday, I was so excited!! Thankfully, I do have a great support system that allows me to work remotely. Just a call away from making all of this happen.

    (See @storgeinc's post here)

  • PresentOnPixels

    Super love love love this golden plating that @celebloons have made! So thoughtful of them to put my lil baby POP onto their product <3

    View @presentonpixels' Instagram here.

  • Bryan Foong

    Perfect for working from home with my favourite beverages!

    View @bryanfoong's Instagram here.

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  • Agnes

    I've got my gifts safely. The delivery man was very nice, I've conveyed my thanks. Hope that my feedback helps him in one way or another. 😊

  • Denise

    The delivery guy is good too, I was worried he will topple the plant but everything is nicely packed in the paper bag!

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