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Wanted to find a gorgeous personalised housewarming gift for my friends and chanced upon Celebloons’ Terrazzo Mugs! Very satisfied with the speedy customisation & delivery process. They’re look perfect and I know my friends will love them.


Thank you for the nicely curated and ready-made gift set! Really love the personalised gifts in your store. The beautiful gifts have really helped to send some cheer to my friend and chased the post partum blues away. Thanks for the prompt replies and fast delivery too!


Every single drawstring bags were tagged with the names (I love handwritten words!) I won’t even have to worry that I grab the wrong bag! And in each bag, the care tip card was there! 👍🏼 Every single detail, as always! ♥️ Thank you for always being so amazingly meticulous in all your products 👍🏼


Amazed at how much effort put in to curate such a customised box; dreamy yet practical with quality products mummies would like to have for their babies! I remember receiving hampers after giving birth, and as much as I appreciate the love and effort, these hampers are over-priced and packed with non-practical items. 🤐 I think mummies will know what I mean.


The gift reached my colleague & she really loved it! Thanks so much for coordinating and making this process smooth! :)


My colleague who is a mother of two, decided to leave the company to be a full time stay home home. I got her the aroma diffuser + humidifier as I hope that the gift can help her to relax and recharge after a long day of caring for her kids :)


If you're looking for a pretty and useful gift, check @celebloons out! They have great pieces and reasonable prices too ♥️


A perfect birthday gift for our friend with the lovely flower, romantic light and aroma smell. She love it and so do we. 😍😍😍

Roxane and Tricia

Bought and personalised Mermaid Trinket trays from @celebloons - thank you for the wonderful service as always!


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