Sustainable Gift-Giving

As a brand focused on giving you and your loved ones the best gift-giving experience, we strive to also be sustainability-driven and do our part for the environment.

One issue we were facing was the use of single-use packaging when we first started - think single-use pretty marble print small paper boxes. Many many of them going out to our customers, especially during festive seasons. We do not believe many were repurposed or recycled properly. Guilty as charged.

The gift wrapping industry has ballooned into a billion-dollar business as gift wrapping is an undeniable part of the gift-giving experience - the joy in opening up something to see what's inside! We think the same effect can be achieved, but more sustainably. We must. Many others do too.

Hence, we have made a deliberate choice since 2020 to reduce single-use packaging while ensuring your gifts are still packed presentably, and can be delivered safely! Reuse the our pouches, bags, baskets and premium boxes to store your stuff or give it to someone who might have a use for it! One step at a time to reduce the consumption of single-use gift wrapping. Thank you to our past customers who have supported us in this switch, and we hope many more will join us in this journey xx

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Reusable Canvas Pouches

To reduce single-use packaging while ensuring your gifts are packed presentably and delivered safely, most of our single-item gifts are in these reusable canvas drawstring pouches and placed into a kraft bag. It took a lot of time to ensure we have different sizes to fit our wide range of gifts and also to find a delivery partner who can deliver them safely as it is instead of requiring us to pack them in delivery boxes. And we have had no issues so far in terms of safety of the packaging!

Undeniably, some of our fragile gifts like glass flower domes and terrariums are in boxes. We do what we can!

*Exact packaging information of each product can be found on the respective product pages.

Reusable Gift Set Packaging Options

In our offerings of gift sets, we also wanted to switch from single-use gift boxes to alternatives such as bags, baskets, or at least keepsake boxes which are definitely reusable for storage, decor or re-gifting. We took time to ensure a balance of aesthetics, function and reusability.

You can opt to retain the complimentary canvas pouches for multiple gifts at no additional cost, or add our reusable and functional gift set packagings such as jute bags, magnetic collapsible premium boxes or pom-pom/tassel storage baskets - especially cute for baby hampers!

See our collection of gift set packaging options below that are:

- Presentable and Functional, instead of them going into the bin

- Collapsible and Foldable, instead of fixed shapes which cannot be easily stored away for future use