Our mission is to help you Thank, Encourage and Appreciate people you care about and we thought we should do the same for you too, to thank you for your support! Get your exclusive reward points by logging into your account everytime you order, and remember to redeem as you go! Points don't expire for now ;)

  • 1. Sign Up & Sign In

  • 2. Earn As You Gift

  • 3. Redeem Points For Codes

1. Sign Up & Sign In

Click on the icon that looks like a gift on the bottom left corner of our website to enter the TEAonUS Rewards Panel. Sign up as a new member (complimentary) and earn 200 TEAonUS points as a welcome gift! Remember to sign in every time you visit our page for your rewards to be tracked.

Your Personal Rewards Page

After you have signed in, you can keep track of your TEAOnUS reward points, the rewards you have redeemed, and your next available reward you can redeem! Click on the timer icon on the right of your points to see the history of your points.

Here is also where you come to find out ways to earn your points and redeem what you have earned.

2. Earn As You Gift

Earn TEAonUS reward points with every order and on your birthday too (remember to fill it in ahead of time)! These points will be added to your account after payment has been made for your order, and on your birthday respectively. Other ways we want to thank you for your support:

- 500 TEAonUS points will be awarded with each unique review on Google/Facebook (one customer = one review)

- Extra 1000 TEAonUS points yearly for regular customers who spend above $500 (yearly)

- Extra 3000 TEAonUS points yearly for VIP members who spend above $700 (lifetime)

Share Your Review

Refer and Earn

We are always grateful when our customers spread the love for us to their friends! Use your unique referral code to give your friends a reward & get yours when they make their first order.

3. Redeem Away!

Before carting out your next order, do redeem your points in the form of unique discount codes to apply at check out! View the details of each type of reward and pick the one that best suits your upcoming order.

Imagine this:

Sign-up + Birthday + One order of $100 = Earned 900 TEAonUS = For your next order, you can redeem a $10 off coupon code to use at check out!

Accumulate and Redeem More

Protip: Only one discount code can be used per order so get the variable order discount to redeem more points per order!

Imagine this:

Accumulated order of $600 this year + Points for Regulars + Points for Review = Earned 4888 TEAonUS = For your next order, you can redeem a $48 off coupon code to use at check out if you wish!

Keep Track of Your TEAonUS points

Your history of points earning and redemption - all captured in your Personal Rewards Panel!

Not sure why your points suddenly increased? We give out surprise points from time to time to celebrate key occasions ;)

Keep Track Of Your Redeemed Rewards

The discount codes of the coupons you have redeemed from your TEAonUS points will be reflected in your Rewards Panel and also sent to your email address tagged to your account. Not to worry about losing them! What's better - you can apply the code straight from here.

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