Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you could, what are four words to describe your gifts?

    Customised, Functional, Aesthetically-pleasing, Creative.

    Could we also add this? - For all occasions, personalities, gender and ages :P

  • How do you customise the gifts?

    We customise mainly using premium waterproof vinyl and for some gifts, embroidery. The method of customisation and care instructions are stated on the product pages and our care cards.

  • Where do I get recommendations on what's suitable to get?

    1. Our Gift Recommendations page

    2. Collection pages where we have a section on recommended occasions

    3. Our best-sellers?

    4. Contact us :)

  • I would like to get a gift set for a friend but it is not available as a set on your website. What should I do?

    Fret not! You can create your own gift set by mixing gift items from our website and we will put it together as a set for you. Please see how to do so here :)

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  • How are the gifts packed?

    To reduce single-use packaging while ensuring presentable packaging and safe delivery, our single-item gifts are in reusable canvas pouches, with a tag and a paper bag! Some fragile gifts are in boxes. Packaging information can be found on product pages.

  • What are the gift set packaging options?

    We have reusable and functional gift set packagings like jute bags, pom pom baskets and magnetic collapsible boxes! Read more about our Sustainable Gift Giving philosophy.

  • How do I add a message for my recipient?

    Add an occasion card at $3 each (or complimentary with gift sets) and we will write your message for you! If not, we can add your message on the delivery slip. Do leave your message under "Remarks" or "Notes" :)

  • Will the price be indicated in the gift packaging?

    No price tag or invoice will be included in the gift packaging! A small delivery slip will be attached to indicate recipient's details and who the gift is from. We can remove your name too for a surprise!

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  • What is the lead time needed?

    If there is stock and you are not placing a bulk order, we can deliver in 2 working days.

    If you need a gift next day or on same day, please drop us a WhatsApp first to check on stock and delivery availability (we aim to please!)

  • What are the payment methods?

    All payment will be done via the website when you check out. Here are our current payment modes:

    1. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)

    2. PayNow

    All orders will need to be paid before fulfilment of orders.

  • What's next after placing my order?

    You'll receive our order confirmation emails (remember to subscribe for updates!) We will contact you via WhatsApp if:

    1. Your payment did not go through

    2. The courier option you had selected does not match your preferred date of delivery (i.e. Preferred date of delivery is tomorrow but you did not pay for Next-Day delivery option).

    3. Your item is out of stock

    4. Your order requires a longer time for fulfillment e.g. bulk orders)

    Please ensure you provide your phone number under Billing Details for us to contact you more speedily, otherwise your order will not be delivered until we are able to get in touch with you via email.

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  • What are the fulfilment options and charges?

    Please refer to our Shipping Policy. The options and exact charges will be advised at check out based on when you need the gifts by.

  • If I need my gift urgently, how can you help me deliver?

    For urgent same-day or next-day delivery, please WhatsApp us first to see if we are able to customise your gift in time. Same-day and next-day courier charges are $25 and $20 respectively.

  • For non-specific time courier, what time can I expect my gifts? What if no one is home?

    Our courier will deliver to you between 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m usually. Please indicate if you need delivery before end of working hours for office delivery. Do provide the recipient's number under Shipping Details so that our courier can contact the recipient on the day of delivery.

  • Will I be able to track the delivery of my gift?

    Unfortunately, this option is not supported by our courier now. Delivery will always be on the date communicated to you unless there are unforeseen circumstances. We will be able to help you check the delivery status on the date of delivery if you WhatsApp us.

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  • What is the lead time for bulk orders?

    Tough question! It varies depending on the size of your order, gifts you want, and our current schedule. Do plan and enquire ahead!

  • Are there discounts for bulk orders?

    Even though each gift is uniquely and individually customised, we would still like to offer you a discounted rate for bulk orders! Do WhatsApp us as the rates differ based on the type of gift and the quantity.

  • Do you have alternative packaging or customisation options for bulk/corporate orders or events?

    Most definitely! Please WhatsApp or email us and we will be happy to share, be it wedding/party favours, farewell gifts, or corporate events!

  • Do you offer corporate staff discounts?

    Yes, we have partnerships with some organizations for staff welfare discounts for personal or corporate use ;) You can check with your HR. Or if you are keen to get that for your staff or propose to your HR, please email us!

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  • Is there any cashback or reward programme for my orders?

    Create an account to be a member to start your TEAonUS rewards programme. Earn rewards with each order, referral and review! View more details here.

  • Is there any expiry for the TEAonUS reward points?

    No :) You earned it and it is yours to redeem. Remember to convert your points to coupons (i.e. redeem) first via the TEAonUS panel so that you can key in the coupon code at check out.

  • When will the reward points be credited after placing my order or giving a review?

    TEAonUS reward points will be credited to your account within 3 working days. For reviews, please WhatsApp or email us the link and your order number. The reward points will be added within 3 working days.

  • Are there promotions or special deals?

    You'll get 10% off your first order by subscribing to our newsletter via the pop-up window on our website. We also have a promotions page. To be updated on exclusive discount codes, giveaways and new launches, do follow us on our Instagram and subscribe to our email newsletters via our website.

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  • What's the fastest way to reach you if I have a question?

    WhatsApp or call us at +65 8171 7245! These are the fastest ways :)

    We are also contactable via Instagram Direct Messages, and email (

  • Why can't I apply my discount code to my order?

    There could be a few reasons - eligibility of the code to the gifts in your cart, expiration of discount code, or wrongly entered code. Fret not, just WhatsApp us!

  • I'm interested in collaborating with your brand. Who should I speak to?

    Thank you for your interest! Please WhatsApp or email us your ideas.

  • Do you have a physical store or pop-up so that I can see the gifts in real before purchasing?

    We have a pop-up now at Bells & Birds, Raffles Hotel Arcade! More info here.

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We're still building our FAQ bank and would appreciate your help! Please let us know your query using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.