Customised Preserved Floral Bluetooth Speakers with Light

Shop our range of customised preserved floral bluetooth speakers with light to Thank, Encourage and Appreciate someone! A luxurious gift of songs that never end, lights that never dim, flowers that never wilt.

  • Benefits

    - Unique Personalisation

    - Multi-functional gift

    - Relax and rejuvenate by streaming your favourite tunes to jumpstart the day or wind down at night

    - Convenient bluetooth and cordless use after charging

    - Lift moods anytime with real preserved flowers

    - Cosy vibes with night lamp

    - Elevate home decor elegantly

  • Suitable Occasions

    To Thank, Encourage, Appreciate:

    - Birthday

    - Farewell

    - Promotion

    - Housewarming/Shop Opening

    - Wedding/Anniversary

    - Mothers'/Valentine's Day

    - Someone Who Likes Music


    Our Gifts: Quality, Functional, Customised, Aesthetically-pleasing, and Creative

    Our Service: Warm, Joyful, and Personalised

    Our Perks: Free shipping above $100, Earn TEAonUS reward points with every order, referral & review. Monthly giveaway chances too!

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  • Sabrina

    Thanks so much for arranging the delivery! They have received it in good order and they love the gifts!

  • Cherie

    Thank u.. is soo pretty! I’m already considering for next friend's bday!

  • Elaine @sugar73

    Used my @celebloons speakers, super shiok to watch show! 🛀

  • Priscilla

    I've received it! It’s lovely!!Thank u so much once again!

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Let us know your suggestions for new floral colours for our speakers!