Functional and Presentable Gifts For The Workplace - Elevate Your Mood and Boost Your Productivity

Functional and Presentable Gifts For The Workplace - Elevate Your Mood and Boost Your Productivity

Looking for practical and aesthetically‑pleasing gifts to thank, encourage or appreciate someone in the work context or for the work environment? Or to welcome someone into the working world after graduation or a new job? Or as a farewell gift to a well-loved and trusted comrade at work?

This guide pulls together our classy yet functional gift recommendations, backed by real customer choices, to elevate one’s work desk and mood 🙌🏻  Specially dedicated for those who #hustlehard!

P.S. We also hear that October 16 is Bosses' Day - perhaps a good time to show your thanks, encouragement and appreciation to those who have nurtured and helped you grow, while having your back! 

1. Customised Terrazzo Holders

An elegant addition to the work desk, or shelf, this terrazzo rectangular holder helps in the organisation of stationery and other accessories, and keeps the work desk neat and looking all professional! A modern and timeless design as compared to the usual pen holders in the market. We especially love the handcrafted terrazzo detail and the sturdiness of this gift, fit for corporate gifting.



Available in two other designs and colourways too here on our website. 

2. Customised Preserved Floral Diffuser 

celebloons diffuser corporate work gift customised

Work can get dull at times we know... Set yourself up for success with a positive mood and a clear mind with our customised round preserved floral diffuser and humidifier with light - a little aromatherapy in the middle of the work day can work wonders! It releases mist too, great for hydration, especially in an air-conditioned work place.

If you are sharing a gift with your other colleagues in the team, our best-selling gift set is our pairing of our diffuser and terrazzo mug! This set for Soyeon was from her marketing team :)

See our range of customised round preserved floral diffusers here on our website.

3. Customised Mugs

customised mugs celebloons

Mugs are the #1 essential in the office and how best to ensure your colleagues do not take the wrong mug? Customise it with your name! We carry a variety of mugs for different personalities or you can get matching mugs for your work BFF - how does that sound? :) Mugs make great farewell gifts for your colleagues too to thank them for their help and friendship.

celebloons terrazzo mugs

Our best-selling design - Terrazzo Print Mug With Lid and Spoon (In Green and Pink-Red)

Jumpstart your morning or rid your food coma with your favourite coffee or tea in your own personalised mug. And bring it to meetings for the subtle "wow that's pretty"!

4. Customised Adjustable Height Handphone Stand 

Perfect for anyone who uses their phone or tablets to perform a variety of tasks - within and beyond the work place! There are so many phone stands out there in the market and we picked this because of its adjustable height feature which helps to avoid unnecessary strain on your neck. And of course, the sleek design and colours. Anti-slip feature on the base of the stand too! We reach out for ours every day, to help us in multi-tasking and being more productive.

This phone stand can be symbolic of your working relationship with your colleagues - steady and can't live without it once you have it. The above photographed phone stands were customised by our customer to thank, encourage and appreciate her team members for a challenging period they have just tidied through in work and for their support towards her. How heartwarming when leaders take the time to acknowledge the efforts of their members instead of taking it for granted! Affordably-priced, they make great mass gifts too for your team.

Our phone stands can hold your biggest-sized phones and tablets, like the Amazon Kindle here. This set was picked by our customer to congratulate Jesiah on his graduation and welcome him into the working world. Up your “boss” factor with our sturdy and minimalistic terrazzo holder and our adjustable height silver handphone stand! 

Available in three colours here on our website.

If you are looking for a more whimsical phone stand, our mermaid tail ones make mer-mazing gifts! Our favourite is the emerald green design, which exudes opulence and lavishness - any stylish boss or colleague that comes into your mind? 

As a farewell gift, our customer picked this to thank her colleague while they worked remotely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sending her gratitude, especially since it was her first step into the working world and to have met such an awesome colleague.

Our mermaid tail phone stands are available in 3 colours here on our website, for those fin-tastic colleagues of yours!

5. Customised Travel-Themed Terrariums 

terrarium celebloons

For those with green fingers in your office or someone whom you always share about travel escapades with, our customised travel-themed air plant terrariums are designed to feed the wanderlust of your co-workers, especially since many have not been able to travel for some time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

terrarium travel celebloons

There are studies on how having some greenery in a work space or work desk can have major positive benefits in reducing stress levels, boosting productivity and encouraging creativity. Our terrariums can be part of a nifty care package to help employees in your organisation as a corporate wellness gift!

Available in 12 designs here on our website.

6. Customised Preserved Floral Domes 

Flowers definitely brighten up a space and lifts moods. With everlasting real flowers and a customisable name, our regular and mini preserved floral glass domes are great affordable gifts if you are looking for alternatives to flower bouquets. 

Here's why we think domes are better than bouquets:

  • The glass dome protects your flowers from dust accumulation, hence prolonging the longevity of your preserved flowers. 
  • Straight from gift to desk: No need to find a matching vase.

Our fortune cat preserved floral domes (in large size) are also popular for new office opening or promotion! Deneen received this from her Office Mum and Favourite Co-Worker as a congratulatory gift on her long-awaited promotion and as an encouragement to do even better. HUAT AH!

Find our range of preserved floral domes here on our website!

7. Customised Coasters and Trays

Ever popular farewell gift picks from our customers who are leaving the office -  customised terrazzo print coasters and trinket trays. Under $20, variety of colours and designs for unisex options, and a thoughtful accessory to the work desk. Great addition to corporate gift sets for staff care packs too!

8. Customised Preserved Floral Bluetooth Speaker 

bluetooth speaker celebloons

A lavish gift, our customised preserved floral bluetooth speakers are here for the significant milestones in your work life and for that greatly respected boss or colleague. They can relax and rejuvenate by streaming their favourite tunes to jumpstart the day or wind down at night. This blue-pink preserved floral bluetooth was for JH's farewell, from her colleague, Rebecca.

9. Curated Gift Sets

Here's more inspiration on what to get from our customers' pick of our curated gift sets for their co-workers or for the work place below:

This gift set with our mini preserved floral dome went out to our customer's boss for her birthday and to thank her for being such a humble, patient and kind boss to her. Aww! And we are glad to hear that Shuhui super liked it!

Our regular customer, Natalie, got us to customise this set as a thank you gift for a speaker at her event! We hope they elevates Eric’s workdesk so that he can keep inspiring others with the good work he has done.

We love this birthday set Vicky picked for Dr Felicia at her clinic - matching terrazzo print mug and coaster set, scented crystal candles from The Rituals Co. to soothe the work woes, and a preserved floral dome for her office.

A mug and handphone stand pairing - double the functionality! All the best to Marie Fel and we wish her all the best in her new endeavours.

Thoughtful gifting for the stylish go‑getters - Your friend/boss might have everything he/she needs already so what to get him/her? Here are some gifts Zoe picked to congratulate her successful entrepreneur friend and to match her sense of style and needs!


We hope that this guide has helped to give you some ideas on what our customers have picked as gifts to thank, encourage and appreciate their co-workers and gifts fit for the modern hustling professional 💡 You can also get these gifts to spruce up your or your work spouse’s work desk to brighten up your work day! Go get it! 💪🏻 

Hustlin' hard with you, 


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