#TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends! - Meet The Rituals Co.

#TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends! - Meet The Rituals Co.


We believe strongly in the saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.‚ÄĚ Hence, we are always on the lookout for collaborations with like-minded brands that would value-add your gifting options and experience.


Meet the founder of The Rituals Co. in our inaugural post of this series of #TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends, featuring the makers behind our collaborations! We first got to try their crystal scented candles as a gift from a dear friend and we thought it would make a great addition to our gifts to help you send your wishes of self-care and healing to your loved ones.


We had a chat with Susanna to learn more about her brand philosophy, what a relaxing day means to her, and her personal favourite gift set from our recent Celebloons x The Rituals Co. collaboration!


1. A quick introduction about yourself, please! 


Hello! I'm Susanna, and I am the Founder of The Rituals Co. We're excited to be on #TEAWITHCELEBLOONS!


2. Why did you start The Rituals Co.?



I believe that scents have the power to heal. Back in 2020, I started experimenting on candle making and scent blending as a means of relaxation and escape from a rather demanding day job. Like many, I also have a budding interest in crystals and its metaphysical healing properties. The Rituals Co. was born largely as an experiment of fusing aromatherapy with healing crystals. After getting some positive feedback and purchasing enquiries of my first creation (crystal candles) from my loved ones, I decided to take a leap of faith and start selling online. Within a span of 6 months, we started a .com and established a handful of stockists islandwide and we haven't looked back ever since.


3. What is your brand philosophy? How do your products bring value to our daily routines?



The Rituals Co.'s philosophy is to create daily meaningful self-care rituals with aromatherapy to heal your mind, body and soul. We convey a reminder to help you feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. We are uncompromising in our product curation and quality to share handcrafted gifts with healing crystals, all-natural botanicals, vegan child and pet-friendly scents with you.



Our space-scenting products like Crystal Candles and Crystal Reed Diffuser series are each designed with empowering qualities from the crystals infused. These bestsellers make a thoughtful gift for anyone who needs a little reminder to slow down, take a breather and enjoy the healing goodness of aromatherapy and crystals.


4. What keeps you and the brand going? Share with us how a relaxing day looks like to you, please!


The Rituals Co. is our way of putting love out into the universe. By being conscious and purposeful in every product we make. The brand also serves as a personal reminder for us to enjoy the small, intangible and natural things in life that we tend to overlook in this hectic world we live in. We hope to continue sharing good wellness rituals with everyone out there. 


A relaxing day is one that I allow myself time to breathe, even amidst a busy schedule, I try to be mindful of taking time out to enjoy a good cuppa tea with music. As cliché as it may sound, I believe that mother nature is full of inspiration, so getting out for a hike or walk in nature is my best way to heal, reflect and recharge. 


5. We love having your crystal candles as part of our gift sets, and so do our customers so far! What would be your personal favourite gift set from our collaboration to thank, encourage, appreciate, or celebrate someone? 




We are so in love with the gorgeous Celebloons Terrazzo Mug set! They make a perfect gift set paired with our Crystal Candles. Imagine a relaxing afternoon or evening where you can immerse yourself with a soothing candle scent and a cup of your favourite coffee / tea to unwind after a hectic day. In fact, we love this Celebloons x the Rituals Co. mug and candle pairing so much that we gave away 2 sets recently to our lucky followers. Have a look here and here at "What a relaxing day means for you?" to everyone who participated and get inspired. 


6. Anything new that's coming up for the brand? A teaser, please!



We are excited to share our latest Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer Mists with you! Our handbag size-friendly hand sanitizer is formulated to be tough on germs yet gentle and moisturising to your skin. Blended with pure essential oils for a natural longer-lasting scent, switch up your hand sanitizers to one that is crafted with your wellness in mind. Enjoy a special bundle set discount here. 




Glad to have Susanna and The Rituals Co. onboard our #TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends journey! Sharing some of the latest Celebloons x The Rituals Co. giftsets our customers have selected to thank, encourage, and appreciate someone:



Our customer chose this giftset to thank her wedding coordinator - find it here.



A lovely birthday giftset with our customised preserved floral diffuser-lamp, customised mini heart trinket tray, and a mini candle (Lavender and Sage) in our reusable jute bag.



One of our favourite sets - a set of green terrazzo coaster and mug with a mini candle in Pear and Freesia scent. Fun fact: We brought in matching ribbon colours for our jute bags to complement the four colours of the crystal candles!



ÔĽŅA bestseller set for birthdays recently - a mini candle and a mini preserved floral dome set. The Rose Quartz candle pairs so cohesively with our pink rose and ribbon sash on the jute bag.



Increasingly, we see some customers adding in the candles as part of baby gifts/hampers! That is incredibly thoughtful of them, and especially heartwarming for the new parents to relax and rejuvenate.




We hope The Rituals Co.'s scented crystal candles make a great addition to the customised gifts you pick for your loved ones. Come have #TEAwithCELEBLOONS soon, and let our beloved creations be part of your treasured stories and memories :)


Sending good vibes all around,


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