"Ooh, that's useful!" - Thoughtful Gifts to Congratulate The New Parents

"Ooh, that's useful!" - Thoughtful Gifts to Congratulate The New Parents

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Hooray! Someone you know has just given birth and a new little munchkin has arrived! You really want to send a gift to congratulate the new parents and to share your joy in meeting the lil' one soon, but what to get them?

"Baby Diapers? Useful... But maybe they have bought a lot already or they have a preference? Wouldn't want to risk a skin allergy or size mismatch..."


"Baby Clothes? But I saw her Instagram recently and she seemed to have bought quite a lot of newborn clothing, swaddles etc already."


"Fruit or Tonic Hamper? I'm sure she will be getting some of those usual generic hampers from her office. Not very interesting right..."

At Celebloons, we're here to help walk you through the process, backed by real customer reviews and opinions of our Instagram community who responded to our recent poll on newborn gift hampers!


1. Gifts for Newborn Use Vs for Use A Few Months Later

We recommend gifts that are not just for the newborn phase - babies grow fast! Here's also why:

  • Your friends are likely to have prepared most, if not all, essentials that are needed in the first few months of the newborn phase. They may/will not need more, and they may have done their own research and landed one some preferred brands of baby essentials, e.g. diapers, swaddles. There are alternative gifts that are equally practical yet unique.
  • The reality of having a newborn = May not have time to open up all the presents. You don't want your gift to go to waste! #truestory

62% of our Instagram followers who responded to our poll picked the same as us!

So, what are some gifts that will be useful a few months down the road? Consider practical gifts like:

  • Baby-led Weaning¬†Cutlery or Teething Tools
  • Cute Soothing Rattles or Blankets
  • Unique Sensory Play Wooden or Musical Toys
baby hampers singapore welcome newborn customised gifts
Baby Giftset with Customised Lil' Chick Carousel, Silicone Suction Plate, Bowl and Spoon, Teether, Pacifier Clip and Plaque - More Here
baby toys baby rattles singapore customised gifts next day deliveryBaby Giftset with Customised Movable Wooden Toy, Animal Rattle and Customised Plaque - More Here

    These would likely be gifts the parents wouldn't have bought yet or would not have thought to buy on their own.  

    "Good mix of cute and practical items. My baby loves the chick carousel with the lights, music and movement. The suction plate and bibs will come handy soon once he starts solids too." - Lilian


    2. Gifts for Baby Vs Gifts for Baby and Mummy (and Daddy too)

    Currently, most of our past customers have picked our curated hampers with only baby gifts. But look at this...

    gifts for mummy new mom baby gifts celebloons

    Nuff said. An overwhelming 86% of our Instagram followers who responded to our poll voted for gifts for both baby and mummy instead of just for baby alone. 

    Quoting one of our regular customers - "I wanna include the mummy customisation because i think she put in more effort than baby. Baby also never do anything LOL."

    #truestory again. So we strongly recommend you to add a gift for mummy (and maybe daddy too hehe) to your baby hampers!

    silicone baby-led weaning gifts teething necklaces
    Customised Regular Glass Dome with Double Preserved Roses (White and Latte, no lights) - More Here
    silicone baby-led weaning gifts teething necklacesMama-Baby Giftset with Animal Rattle, Silicone Teether, Silicone Teething Necklace & Plaque - More Here
     preserved floral frame preserved flower gifts for mum new mummy congratulate new parentsCustomised Preserved Florals Photo Frame - More Here


    3. Themed Giftsets or Non-Themed Giftsets

    We thought it doesn't really matter but you proved us wrong! 92% of our Instagram community who responded to our poll picked Themed Giftsets! 

    dinosaur gifts for newborn baby giftset singapore customised giftsDino Baby Giftset with Pacifier Clip, Teether, Baby Socks and Customised Plaque - More Here 
    koala cute gifts for baby newborn customised gifts celebloons singaporeBaby Giftset with Koala Soothing Blanket, Koala Rattle, Silicone Suction Plate, Bowl and Spoon, Koala Teether, Pacifier Clip, & Plaque - More Here 
    baby giftset cute modern baby hampers singapore celebloons Baby Giftset with Customised Lil' Chick Carousel, Silicone Plate, Bowl and Spoon, Animal Soothing Blanket, Animal Rattle & Plaque - More Here 
    rabbit cute comforting gifts for baby soothing rattle blanket sensory play celebloons baby gift shop singaporeBaby Giftset with Rabbit Soothing Blanket, Rabbit Rattle, Silicone Suction Plate, Bowl and Spoon, Xiao Long Bao Teether, & Plaque - More Here 

    Welcome a lil' baby koala, rabbit, lamb, penguin or dino - hear 'em rawr! It's cuter, ain't it?



    4. Gender-Typical Colours or Not?

    Pink for girls, blue for boys - do you fall back on this  when you need to get a gift urgently? More than 50% of our Instagram followers voted for non-gender-typical colours for newborn gifts - it's a heartening sign that times are changing!

    baby hamper singapore customised gifts newborn giftsBaby Giftset with Customised Lil' Chick Carousel, Silicone Suction Plate, Bowl and Spoon, Teether, Pacifier Clip and Plaque - More Here
    baby giftset singapore celebloons customised giftsBaby Giftset with Customised Wooden Movable Toy, Animal Rattle, Silicone Plate and Bibs in Clay, & Plaque - More Here
    silicone tableware for kids baby-led weaning suction plate bowl kiddy cupGlitter & Spice Silicone Tableware Set of Four (Clay) - More Here

    We hope our range provides you with more options for your baby hamper other than the usual colours that come to mind.


    5. Personalise It or Not?

    Of course, personalise it! Add a personal touch to make your gifts more meaningful and memorable.

    "Thank you for the nicely curated and ready-made gift set! Really love the personalised gifts in your store. The beautiful gifts have really helped to send some cheer to my friend and chased the post partum blues away. Thanks for the prompt replies and fast delivery too!" - Cindy

    Our little chick musical carousels are our best-selling customisable gifts for the little ones! Beyond them being really cute, the music, light and revolving carousel can help to soothe the little one. All our curated newborn hampers also come with a name plaque for that heartwarming Instagram photograph!


    customised gifts for kids musical carousel night lamp for children babies kids singapore celebloonsCustomised Musical Carousel Lil' Chick with Lamp - More Here

    "Yes I love it! Quite therapeutic watching the carousel!" - Rachel


    We hope the above can help you in deciding which baby hamper would best bring joy and treasured memories to someone you care about! If you still can't decide, just drop us an SOS text and we will be your shopping buddy. Next-day delivery available too if you need your gift urgently ;)


    Sue, Celebloons

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