Only The Best Gifts For Your Bridal Party

Only The Best Gifts For Your Bridal Party

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A huge congrats to you if you are here - your wedding day must be soon arriving! Is your to-do list getting longer and longer? We know how it feels to be in your shoes and we hope to help you with this very meaningful experience you are thinking of doing - picking gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen!


--------- Why Gift? ---------


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Your bridal party are the second family you have chosen to walk with you through your big day (and most possibly, they are already the significant people in your lives). Gifts are one of the many ways to thank and appreciate them for being people you can count on when you need it. It also creates a heartwarming memory of the important milestone that you are embarking on, with them by your side.


--------- When to Gift? ---------


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We know of couples who gift their bridal party before the wedding:
- Gift together with the actual act of "asking"them to be your bridesmaid/groomsman, or 
- Gift after they have already said "Yes" to you, commonly during the wedding preparation process that they are also intimately involved in 


There are other couples who opt to gift on or after the wedding:
- Gift in the morning of the wedding day as a short intimate session separately at the bride's and groom's houses, or
- Gift right after or soon after the wedding has ended, to thank them for all the help for the wedding


Next, the most important question...



--------- What to Gift? ---------



There are so many options out there you must be having a hard time choosing, we know. We hope our past couples' choices below can be of help to you! Something customised, something useful.


1. Customised Preserved Floral Accessories Box


celebloons customised gifts for bridesmaids


Customise matching exquisite accessories holders for your bridesmaids to house their precious jewellery and accessories items! These make really pretty additions to their vanity tables with a clear view of the real preserved flowers encased within. Comes in five floral designs here.


2. Customised Mugs and Trinket Trays


customised mugs celebloons trinket trays gifts for bridesmaids singapore


Customised mugs are our best-selling gifts for their practicality and this sweet brushstroke mug design will become your girls' best friend! Pair them with our mini heart rose gold trinket trays for their daily accessories - so much love!


3. Customised Mugs and Coasters


singapore bridesmaid gifts celebloons customised mugs coasters


Another popular mug design among our customers is our customised terrazzo-print mugs, especially this one in green which is unisex and can be for both your bridesmaids and groomsmen! The terrazzo trend is making a huge comeback now and we love the speckled look on our homeware. Make a gift set with our customised terrazzo-print diatomite coasters which are water-absorbent. Complimentary card with every gift set for your bridesmaid/groomsman!


4. Customised Aromatherapy Diffusers


singapore gifts for bridesmaids customised gifts diffuser aromatherapy


Would a gift of relaxation sound good for your girls? Our customised preserved floral diffusers would be a great pick then! Aromatherapy in the comfort of their homes after a long day - check! These come with light too for that cosy vibe to unwind.


5. Other Customised Bridesmaids Giftsets


celebloons customised gifts bridesmaids singapore


More is more, aye! This #aesthetic gift set with all our cutest customised gifts will make your girls feel so pampered! A matching customised terrazzo mug and terrazzo coaster for their morning/afternoon drinks, trinket tray for their precious small jewellery items, whimsical mermaid tail handphone stand to keep their hands free while they browse Instagram or TikTok, and a mini preserved floral dome to brighten their vanity tables. So MUCH love!
celebloons customised gifts for bridesmaids singapore


A variation of the same giftset above in another colour scheme to suit different preferences and personalities of your bridesmaids!
bridesmaids giftsets celebloons singapore customised gifts singaporebrides


Another giftset you can consider for your bridesmaids is this collaboration giftset we have with local brands, Knot Collective and The Rituals Co. Paired with our cusotmised marble mug and customised mini heart trinket tray, Knot Collective's handmade macrame keychain and The Rituals Co. Crystal Scented Candle make cute and useful gifts for your girls!


6. Customised Beer Mug


beer mug singapore customised gift for groomsmen wedding


Chug it up! Pick our customised beer mug if you know your bridal party loves a glass or two to wind down the night :)


7. Groomsmen Gift Sets


celebloons groomsmen gifts singapore herworldbrides singapore brides


Bringing together our two best-selling gift for males - our customised white marble mug and customised watch holder - this giftset is a great pick of functional gifts for your groomsmen!
celebloons gifts for him singapore


Another suitable gift option for your bros, especially the hustlers in your group, is this giftset with our customised terrazzo holder and phone stand
celebloons groomsmen gifts holder singapore unique


We hope the above gift recommendations come in handy and can help you in picking something heartfelt for your bridal party! Don't stress over it, let us help you :)


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