10 Mothers' Day Gifting Ideas

10 Mothers' Day Gifting Ideas

Still scratching your head over what to gift your mother, grandmother or mother-in-law on Mothers' Day next Sunday? Sharing with you our top 10 recommendations of pretty, everlasting and functional gifts from our Mothers' Day Collection to Thank, Encourage and Appreciate them!

1. Customised Preserved Floral Bluetooth Speaker with Light

A song that never ends, flowers that never wilt, lights that never dim! Send your boundless love, thanks, encouragement or appreciation to your mom with our preserved floral bluetooth speaker with light, with customisable lettering to make it truly unique! A pretty yet functional addition to a desk, countertop or nightstand. 

Comes in three preserved floral designs: 1. Medium Pink and Cappuccino, 2. Cream and Pastel Pink, 3. Pastel Pink, Blue and White

2. Customised Preserved Floral Glass Dome with Light

A dome for the home! A twist to the usual floral bouquets, consider this lavish preserved floral glass dome with lights for your mom or grandma! Like a home, the clear glass dome protects the precious preserved floral arrangement while allowing its beauty to elevate their moods and surroundings 💐 Customise it with a name or short phrase to make it uniquely theirs 💫

Comes in five preserved floral designs: 1. Medium Pink, 2. Blue and Grey, 3. Burnt Orange and Latte, 4.Minimalistic Cotton and White Rose and 5. Fortune Cat.  

3. Customised Preserved Floral Round Diffuser, Humidifier and Lamp

Diffuse the troubles away! Would your mom appreciate indulging in aromatherapy at home or in office, with what’s more than a diffuser? These rounded diffusers come with misting and light functions and adorned with a exquisite preserved floral arrangement and a name of your choice 💐Get more, for less!

Comes in three preserved floral designs: 1. Peach, Pink and Cream, 2. Pink, 3. Maroon and Cappuccino

4. Customised Preserved Floral Tall Diffuser and Lamp

A petite alternative to our round diffusers, these tall diffusers come with two preserved roses and a diffuser function that does not require any water for your essential oils! And it works cordlessly. Uplift your mom's mood with this convenient diffuser with lamp.

Comes in three preserved floral designs: 1. Medium Pink and Cream, 2. Light Pink and White and 3. Red and Pink.

5. Customised Acrylic Preserved Roses Bloom Box Bag 

For the romantic and purveyor of all things luxurious, this pink acrylic floral bloom box bag with gold hardware details is definitely a heart-stopper! For the mom who has everything already and would appreciate something extravagant!

6. Customised Preserved Floral Accessories Holder with Acrylic Top

Let your mom keep her most precious jewelry pieces safe and clean while having a clear view of the beauty of these preserved florals on the top acrylic layer! If you are getting a jewelry piece for her as a gift, do consider placing it in our customised preserved floral accessories holder for an elevated touch 💫

Comes in two preserved floral designs: 1. Peach and Pink and 2. Medium Pink and Cappuccino

7. Customised Preserved Floral Frame

A new addition to our home decor collection, these customised preserved floral frames are ready for customisation of your favorite quote about your mom! You can opt to have it with a photograph of you and your mom instead of words too.

Comes in three preserved floral designs: 1. Nude, 2. Vibrant and 3. Autumn.

8. Customised Terrazzo Mugs, Coasters and Holders

If your mom is not a fan of floral items, we have a wide range of other functional gifts such as our Terrazzo home use items! Pair a terrazzo mug with a coaster and a holder for the ever-trendy mom to use at home or to wow her colleagues in office.

Terrazzo Holder comes in one design here.

Terrazzo Mug comes in two designs: 1. Pink-Red Mug with Lid and Spoon and 2. Green Mug with Lid and Spoon.

Terrazzo Coaster comes in four designs: 1. Pink-Red, 2. Green, 3. Light Pink, 4. Multi-colour.

9. Customised Preserved Floral Bouquets

We had the mini preserved bouquets as additions to gift sets for some time now and we have brought in a bigger-sized preserved floral bouquet for Mothers’ Day, to make it more convenient for those who want to get both a sizeable bouquet and customised gifts at a one-stop shop! It has a preserved carnation within the mix - a symbol of the everlasting love of a mom. Pair the bouquets with a customised gift item for a complete package!

Mini Preserved Floral Bouquet comes in three designs: 1. Pink, 2. Nude and 3. Violet.

Large Preserved Floral Bouquet comes in one design here.

10. Customised Gift sets

More is more? Many siblings? Consider getting one of our curated gift sets or mixing and matching a gift set on your own from the many items in our range! Pair items your mom will love and add a gift box or a jute bag to elevate the gifting experience. All gift sets come with a complimentary card too for the intimate well-wishes. View more examples of gift sets on our Instagram here - you can mix and match customised gift items or add a non-customised gift like a preserved floral bouquet to the gift set!

We hope that the above guide has been helpful in giving you some ideas! Do order by 6th May to be in time for delivery to thank, encourage and appreciate your mom, grandma, mother-in-law, and any other motherly figure in your life!

With love, 

Customised gifts to Thank, Encourage and Appreciate 

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