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  • "Thank You For Helping Me Bloom" Customised Giftset
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Celebloons x NestBloom

"Thank You For Helping Me Bloom" Customised Giftset

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“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” – Booker T. Washington

Bringing you only the best in wellness, these customised giftsets containing NestBlooms' premium Bird's Nest blooms are best to help you thank someone.

More details about this giftset:

  • Instead of floral bouquets or jars, adorn your beautiful homes or offices with a pristine preserved floral frame. Pick a favourite phrase and photograph to make this uniquely theirs. Please see here for more details.
  • NestBloom Premium Birds' Nest Bloom (1 Bloom or 2 Blooms) - all natural, free from preservatives and additives. Each Bloom contains 30gm of cooked premium grade bird’s nest when wet (3g triple A grade premium bird's nest when dry). It just takes hot water & 5 minutes to enjoy - no cooking needed. Please see here for benefits.
  • Complimentary Greeting Card
  • Box Packaging and Bag
  • Suitable for all occasions - birthday, wedding, housewarming, anniversary, farewell, appreciation

Care and Packaging

Care: If cleaning is needed, please be gentle and do not rub the part with the name. Advisable to use a smooth cloth to wipe. Please do not put them in the dishwasher/microwave/oven. Goods sold are NOT refundable.

Packaging: Product comes in your chosen packaging above and a paper bag. Our courier will deliver your items safely to your door step. There is also a care card included. A small delivery slip will be attached to the paper bag to indicate recipient's details and customer name. Price of gift will not be included.

We would like to encourage you to reuse the packaging and paper bag or just give it to someone who might have a use for it! One small step to reduce the consumption of single-use boxes! Read our Sustainable Gift-Giving Philosophy to find out more.

Bulk or Corporate Orders

Please contact us for bulk or corporate purchases for a discounted price. We support customised branding for corporate, wedding or party gifts too.

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