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Grab Bags (Sale)

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$20.00 SGD

#NoBluesWithCelebloons - We have a few grab bags up for sale! As part of our sustainable gifting philosophy and in reducing wastage, we hope our brand-new items with mild aesthetic defects, sample/test products and items to be phased out will get a second home and be appreciated by someone who shares the same belief as us. There will also be a 15% applied automatically at checkout!

Items in our grab bag do not include customisation. If you would like them customised ($12 per name/item, customisation is only applicable for selected products), please add the relevant custom add-on here to cart and inform us of the name in the remarks. Do consider adding a grab bag to your cart before checking out! :)

Grab Bags (please see featured pic for each grab bag and the pricing):

#1 and #2 Wooden Rainbow Stacker and Movable Toy

#3 and #4 Lil' Chick Musical Carousel and Lamp 

#5 Avocado-themed high socks, glass, pouch, notebook

#6 Avocado-themed high socks, glass, card wallet, big pouch

#7 Avocado-themed plushie keychain, fan, pencil case, notebook, pen

#8 Dino-themed plushie keychain, pouch, pencil case, notebook, pen, surprise egg with dino figurine

#9 Dino-themed soft toy and cute hat

#10 Dino-themed sling bag and cute hat

#11 Sheep soft toy and blanket 

#12 Rabbit soft toy and blanket

#13 Accessories holder and contact lens holder

#14 and #15 Accessories holder and glass

Terms & Conditions

1. Please note that some gifts in the grab bags may have minor cosmetic defects (e.g. scratches, colour unevenness, spots) but they still function well. Please purchase the full-priced items if you would like the items in good condition. 

2. Some gifts in the grab bags cannot be found on our website/have not been launched before. They could be potential products as part of our R&D process but eventually not listed due to a myriad of possible reasons (e.g. supplier stopped producing, not sustainable for customisation, found an alternative).

3. Some grab bags may contain gifts in pristine condition due to reasons such as we are phasing out the product or potential products which were not listed (see point 3 above) or just a gift for you!

4. The value of the gifts will be more than what you'll be paying for, in terms of comparison with general market prices of the products and equivalent gift items on our website. Items will come in our complimentary canvas pouches :)

5. Grab Bags sold are not refundable. Please kindly do not purchase if you are looking for specific items in our gifting range or if you are expecting all the gifts to be in pristine condition. 

Font and Cards

Font: Brushstroke font will be used as default (see pictures). No artwork will be given. Do indicate if you want san serif/non-cursive fonts. Customisation in other language (e.g. Chinese) or icons available (subject to suitability on gift).

Card Add-on: See card designs here, $3 per card. We can write the well-wishes for you if you indicate them in the remarks).

Care and Packaging

Care: If cleaning is needed, please be gentle and do not rub the part with the name. Advisable to use a smooth cloth to wipe. Please do not put them in the dishwasher/microwave/oven. Goods sold are NOT refundable.

Packaging: Product comes in a free reusable thick white canvas drawstring pouch (with paper filling for fragile items) and a paper bag. Our courier will deliver your items safely to your door step. There is also a tag on the pouch to indicate the name that is customised on the gift, and a care card included. A small delivery slip will be attached to the paper bag to indicate recipient's details and customer name. Price of gift will not be included.

We would like to encourage you to reuse the canvas pouch and paper bag or just give it to someone who might have a use for it! One small step to reduce the consumption of single-use boxes!

View our reusable and functional gift set packaging if you want to opt for them.

View details on Shipping via our Shipping Policy. 

View commonly asked questions via our FAQs.

Bulk or Corporate Orders

Please contact us for bulk or corporate purchases for a discounted price. We support customised branding for corporate, wedding or party gifts too.

Shipping and Store Policies Frequently Asked Questions
  • Need Some Recommendations?

    Have a specific occasion in mind and not sure if this is a suitable gift to get? Get some ideas based on what our customers have picked for different occasions or our best-sellers or reviews by customers!

    If you need help customising mass gifts or gift sets for an event, do drop us a text or email with the details and we will be happy to do up a proposal for you.

  • Perks With Every Order

    We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you Thank, Encourage and Appreciate someone! Find out more about the exclusive TEAonUS member rewards you can earn with every order, referral and review here! Birthdays too :) Each order you place also automatically grants you chances to win credits or featured gifts in our monthly giveaway.

  • Order Confirmation Process

    We will contact you via WhatsApp within 1 - 2 working days after you have put in an order to inform you on payment details. Please ensure you have provided your phone number under "Billing Details" at checkout. Lead time for fulfilment: 1-4 days usually. Please drop us a WhatsApp  if you would like to check on stock availability or delivery availability on urgent/preferred date. 

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