Celebloons x Daprayer Designs

Let our young makers experience the joy of assembling their own personalised reward box, and building good habits with the Joyful Weekly Tracker. Just like building good habits and working towards their goals, this special Celebloons X Daprayer Designs Children Day’s Gift Set is here to encourage the little ones that anything is possible, one step at a time.

  • Celebloons' Customised Wooden Memorabilia/Reward Box Kit (To be assembled)

    Encourage your child to go on this introductory experience of being a maker by assembling their own wooden box that can be used as a memorabilia or reward or money box! Let them see for themselves how they are capable of anything if they set their heart and mind to it!

  • Daprayer Designs' "One Step At A Time" Print

    After assembling your Reward Box, you can insert the “One Step At A Time” print on one side and get creative in decorating other sides of the Reward Box with your own prints, photos, quotes and artwork. You can even choose to leave one side empty to see your little rewards growing and accumulating in the box!

  • Daprayer Designs' Joyful Weekly Tracker 

    Use the Weekly Tracker to jot down habits/ action steps/ activities that you want to track and check them off as you accomplish them and move closer to your goal everyday. After that, get mummy or daddy to fill up your Reward Box with anything that makes your heart sing - love notes, encouraging quotes, fun family activities, money, photos or polaroids of special moments - any wonderful things you can think of!

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Celebloons x Daprayer Designs

"One Step At A Time" Children Gift Set

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We hope you and your family will enjoy the process of building your Reward Box and building good habits towards your goal, one step at a time! 

1. Celebloons' Customised Wooden Memorabilia Box Kit (To be assembled)

- Suitable for children aged 6 and above, easily assembled in 15 minutes. Let them explore while you provide some support and guidance along the way! You can refer to our IGTV video tutorial here on our Instagram :)

- Kit contains 1 wooden base, 1 wooden lid with opening, 4 stands, 4 transparent acrylic slides and cardboard backing, mini screwdriver, 8 screws

- Name or any other word (up to 9 letters) customisation in white or gold vinyl sticker on one of the stands. Please refer to photos for default font, positioning and orientation. Do indicate in remarks if you would like non-cursive font.

- Approximately 15 cm x 15 cm x 16.5 cm after assembled. Photo/Card slots are 15 cm x 10 cm (6 inch).

- As this is a handcrafted wooden product, every box will have different wood grains and minor unevennes at grooves which do not affect the use or look of the item. If cleaning is needed, please be gentle and do not rub the part with the name. Goods sold are NOT refundable.

2. Daprayer Designs' "One Step At A Time" Print 

- Specially designed by Daprayer Designs for this Children's Day Gift Set to encourage our little ones that anything is possible, one step at a time :) 

- 15 cm x 10 cm (6 inch). Insert it on one side of your Reward Box!

3. Daprayer Designs' Joyful Weekly Tracker 

- A5 Size Planner Pad with 100gsm Wood-free Paper. 50 Sheets Per Pad. 

- Monday to Sunday Check Boxes to Track Habits/Tasks/Activities, Reminder and Notes Boxes. More details over at their website here!

Font and Cards

Font: Brushstroke font will be used as default (see pictures). No artwork will be given. Do indicate if you want san serif/non-cursive fonts. Customisation in other language (e.g. Chinese) or icons available (subject to suitability on gift).

Card Add-on: See card designs here, $3 per card. We can write the well-wishes for you if you indicate them in the remarks).

Care and Packaging

Care: If cleaning of customised gifts is needed, please be gentle and do not rub the part with the name. Advisable to use a smooth cloth to wipe. Please do not put them in the dishwasher/microwave/oven. Goods sold are NOT refundable. Please ensure there is adult supervision in the use of the screwdriver and screws.

Packaging: Product comes in a free reusable thick white canvas drawstring pouch and a paper bag. Mesh pouch will be used to contain the screwdriver and screws. Our courier will deliver your items safely to your door step. There is also a tag on the pouch to indicate the name that is customised on the gift, and a care card included. A small delivery slip will be attached to the paper bag to indicate recipient's details and customer name. Price of gift will not be included.

We would like to encourage you to reuse the canvas pouch and paper bag or just give it to someone who might have a use for it! One small step to reduce the consumption of single-use boxes! Read our Sustainable Gift-Giving Philosophy to find out more.

Bulk or Corporate Orders

Please contact us for bulk or corporate purchases for a discounted price. We support customised branding for corporate, wedding or party gifts too.

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