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Event Package 7 - Bride to Be

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  • 1) One set of "Bride to Be" 16" foil letters (gold, rose-gold, silver)
  • 2) Two side bunches of 10 12" latex plain-coloured balloons each (float-time of 7h to 9h after set-up). You can add on special gel of $1/per balloon for 24h float time.
  • Delivery (excluding Sentosa) and 30-min balloon set-up (not including the tying of photographs) is chargeable at $100 (Price will be reflected at the CART Page). Set-up should not be more than 1 hour before event. Length of String - Approximately 1.6 m
  • Price will be advised upon contact. Please provide information on colour scheme, add-ons if needed and length of garland.
  • Add-ons
    • Special type balloons (giant balloons, Orbz reflective balloons, Confetti balloons, marble balloons, rose gold balloons, foil letters)
    • Foilage (vines, leaves, flowers)
    • Laser-cut cardboard names in gold cardboard