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Customised Premium Mermaid Tail and Shell Handphone Stand (Emerald Green)

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$33.00 SGD

“She would be half the world away, floating in a turquoise sea, dancing by the moonlight.” ― Janet Fitch.

Customise this opulent emerald green handphone stand for the mer-mazing friends of yours!

  • Suitable for all occasions - birthday, farewell, appreciation, thank you
  • Base 8cm
  • Epoxy
  • Name customisation or any other word (up to 8 letters). 

Font and Cards

Font: Brushstroke font will be used as default (see pictures). No artwork will be given. Do indicate if you want san serif/non-cursive fonts. Customisation in other language (e.g. Chinese) or icons available (subject to suitability on gift).

Card Add-on: See card designs here, $3 per card. We can write the well-wishes for you if you indicate them in the remarks).

Care and Packaging

Care: If cleaning is needed, please be gentle and do not rub the part with the name. Advisable to use a smooth cloth to wipe. Please do not put them in the dishwasher/microwave/oven. Goods sold are NOT refundable.

Packaging: Product comes in a free reusable thick white canvas drawstring pouch (with paper filling for fragile items) and a paper bag. Our courier will deliver your items safely to your door step. There is also a tag on the pouch to indicate the name that is customised on the gift, and a care card included. A small delivery slip will be attached to the paper bag to indicate recipient's details and customer name. Price of gift will not be included.

We would like to encourage you to reuse the canvas pouch and paper bag or just give it to someone who might have a use for it! One small step to reduce the consumption of single-use boxes! Read our Sustainable Gift-Giving Philosophy to find out more.

Bulk or Corporate Orders

Please contact us for bulk or corporate purchases for a discounted price. We support customised branding for corporate, wedding or party gifts too.

Links to Shipping Policy and Store FAQs 

Please refer to the following links for:

1. Shipping Policy

2. Store FAQs

3. Testimonials and Features

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Reviews About Our Handphone Stands

  • Shellen

    I want one more for myself, my mom took mine! Super useful, can watch shows and cut veggies at the same time!

  • Shaveena

    Love this type of gifts and they are so pretty to receive as gifts ♥️ I’m planning to buy one for myself soon as well. Thank you for having pretty collection of gifts. Coming back again for my next purchase ♥️ Thank you for your prompt replies as well !

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