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Customised Decal (Calligraphed by Wittystudio)

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Brought to you by Celebloons and Wittystudiosg, this customised hand-letted wall decal will make your room/house more instagram-worthy and personal. Pick your favourite quote or your own message to motivate and inspire you! Perfect for mirror selfies too.


Size: There are three generic sizes available.

  • Small: approximately 18" length in total (single line) x 3" height
    No. of words: Not more than 6.
  • Medium: approximately 26" length in total (single line) x 4" height
    No. of words: Not more than 9.
  • Large: approximately 35" length in total (single line) x 5" height
    No. of words: Not more than 12.
  • You can stick your message in two/three lines if you want but the sizing given here is only in one line.
  • Recommended: Choose to add-on the same design in a smaller size for flexibility and if you want a combination of different sizes for different words. You can also stick the same quote in another room! Purchase "One small one large" for example.

Style: All quotes/messages are specially lettered by Priscilla of Wittystudiosg. Please view the images to see her style of calligraphy/fonts. NO artwork will be provided. Three options available: All non-cursive, Half cursive half non-cursive, All cursive. Please see images for reference.

Material: Premium Waterproof Vinyl (from US and Japan)

Colour: Black, White, Matte Gold, Holographic

Packaging: Your message will be cut into appropriate phrases for ease of packaging.

Application: Vinyl needs to be applied on a smooth surface (e.g. mirror, wall, doors) and a reusable transfer tape will be provided for ease of application of the vinyl to your surface. Instructions on how to apply the decal will be included. Vinyl can be peeled off but it is not easy to reuse the same vinyl that had been peeled off. We do not take responsibility for any stain marks.