Customised Chrome Contact Lens/Jewellery Holder with Mirror

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Stock may take 2 weeks to arrive if there is no more in-stock left. If there are in-stocks, please allow a minimum of 2 days for order processing and production before collection. Earliest collection date will be made known to you via Whatsapp after order request has been put in. Please wait for our Whatsapp message. Please kindly DO NOT order if you cannot afford to wait. Alternatively, you can drop us an email or Instagram DM to check first

Specifications: 9.5cm x 6.7cm x 2.1cm, 99.4grams

Designs: Two colours available (Rose Pink and Gold). Chrome reflective surface. Interior Mirror. Two contact lens casing in box. Remove one or both contact lens casing and the accessories to use the box as a travel jewellery holder to pack intricate jewellery items like rings and necklaces for your next wanderlust trip so that you dont lose/spoil them! Left (L) and Right (R) indication are in the interior of the contact lens casing.

Customization: Name customisation or any other word (up to 8 letters) Paired best with WHITE or BLACK vinyl sticker.
Care: If cleaning needed, please be gentle and do not rub the part with the name. Advisable to use a smooth cloth to wipe. Goods sold are NOT refundable.
Packaging: Product comes in an individual box and in a carrier. Item will be placed in a bed of paper filling. Colour of paper filling will be at random. Do indicate if you want specific colours (pink, cream, peach, purple, grey).

Self-collection at our place in Katong. Address will be made known after order confirmation and payment.

Font: Brushstroke font. We will choose the type of brushstroke font to suit the number of characters in the name given and type of mug. No artwork will be given. Do indicate if you want san serif/non-cursive fonts.

*Jewellery in picture not included.

**Please contact us for bulk purchases of 10 items and above for a discounted price.