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Bells and Birds

Bells and Birds Mulberry Silk Pillow Case (Champagne)

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$80.00 SGD
A gift of good sleep - Bells and Birds' mulberry silk pillow cases are a game changer. 

Mulberry silk is the finest in the market and it is also 100% natural, odourless and hypo-allergenic. Silk reduces friction, and benefits our hair by reducing frizziness, breakage and split ends. It is also recommended for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

With the right care, silk products can last a long time. Hand wash only with mild detergent or shampoo. Do not wring, gently press off the water and hang dry (away from sunlight).

Available in Champagne, measuring 50*75cm. This listing is for the price of 1 pillowcase.

Care and Packaging

Packaging: Product comes in Bells and Birds' box packaging(for eye mask)/sleeve packaging (for pillowcase and robes) and our paper bag. Our courier will deliver your items safely to your door step. A small delivery slip will be attached to the paper bag to indicate recipient's details and customer name. Price of gift will not be included.

We would like to encourage you to reuse the packaging and paper bag or just give it to someone who might have a use for it! One small step to reduce the consumption of single-use boxes! Read our Sustainable Gift-Giving Philosophy to find out more.

Bulk or Corporate Orders

Please contact us for bulk or corporate purchases for a discounted price. We support customised branding for corporate, wedding or party gifts too.

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