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Wellness Pack

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Looking for a one-stop solution to gifting, especially when you/your recipient believes in wellness? Add this wellness pack to any gift or gift set to enhance your gift and tick off all the boxes for your recipient! Please see here for other options of gifts. Please see here for curated gift sets we have prepared if you would like some ideas on gift sets!

Wellness Pack 

Our 3-item wellness pack packs a punch! For $15, your recipient will get the following items in our unique and reusable canvas mini pouch:

2 x 42 ml Mini Jars of Brand's Bird's Nest - Rock Sugar (Less Sweet) 

1 x Single-use Gentle Steam Eye Mask (Lavender)


*Alternatively, you can add our Snack pack to pair with your gifts/giftsets! Please view our accessories page here. 

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