Knot Collective

Introducing Knot Collective's handmade macrame keychains that pair so well with gifts for the ladies! For your best friend or work spouse, handmade gifts are the most heartfelt.

  • knot collective shopee macrame keychains handmade


    - Add a classy, feminine touch to your bags and keys

    - Comes with a letter charm to make it a thoughtful accessory for your loved ones

  • knot collective shopee macrame keychains handmade

    Suitable Occasions

    Birthday, Bridesmaids, Thank You, Self-Care, Valentine's Day, Christmas

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  • @s_forshirley

    Lucky to received these giveaway gifts from @celebloons and They are the local online shop which specialised in gifting customization and personalization. If you are looking for something different and unique for gifting, you should check their page for more gifting ideas.

    This gift set consists of the following items:
    🎁Amore Macrame Keychain
    🎁 Customised Terrazzo Mug
    🎁 Mini Preserved Floral Dome


    See more on her Instagram here.

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