Customised Preserved Floral Diffusers/Lamps

The first of its kind in Singapore, our preserved floral diffusers are uniquely crafted as gifts of rejuvenation and relaxation. Let their favourite scents & flowers lift their moods!

  • diffusers singapore customised gifts celebloons


    - Unique Personalisation

    - Multi-functional gift

    - Relax and soothe with aromatherapy

    - Lift moods anytime with real preserved flowers

    - Cosy vibes with night lamp

    - Elevate home decor

  • diffusers singapore customised gifts celebloons

    Suitable Occasions

    - Birthday

    - Farewell

    - Promotion

    - Housewarming

    - Wedding/Anniversary

    - Midst/End of Stressful Event

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Types of Floral Diffusers

Reviews About Our Diffusers

  • "Help Her To Relax and Recharge"

    My colleague who is a mother of two, decided to leave the company to be a full time stay home home. I got her the aroma diffuser + humidifier as I hope that the gift can help her to relax and recharge after a long day of caring for her kids :) - Janice

  • "Will Definitely Repurchase As Gifts"

    Item received. So gorgeous immediately use. Will definitely repurchase as gifts - Geraldine

  • "A Perfect Birthday Gift"

    A perfect birthday gift for our friend with the lovely flower, romantic light and aroma smell. She love it and so do we. 😍😍😍 - Roxane and Tricia

  • "The Bride Loved It!"

    The bride loved it! So do the rest of us! - Salleha

  • "She Liked Her Customized Gift Very Much."

    Purchased their diffuser gift for a friend’s birthday! She liked her customized gift very much. - Joyce

  • "It’s So Pretty!"

    Received my diffuser and mug set already! Thanks for rushing it out!! It’s so pretty! - Casilin

  • "The Flower Diffuser Is Very Pretty "

    The flower diffuser is very pretty 😍 hope my sis in law likes it :) - Priscilla

  • "It's Even More Beautiful In Real Life!"

    I received it thx so much, Its even more beautiful in real life! - Tegan

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