Valentine's Day Gifts - Heartfelt Connections Through The Gifting Experience

Valentine's Day Gifts - Heartfelt Connections Through The Gifting Experience


Love can be made visible and personalised through the 5 Love Languages, do you agree? Read our take on how our range of customised gifts can help relate to your partner’s love language and nurture heartfelt connections daily! We hope it comes in handy if you are still browsing for thoughtful gifts this Valentine's Day!


Uplift your loved ones through words of encouragement and unsolicited compliments which can make their day and mean a lot to them!

valentine's day photo frame customised gifts singapore

Remind them of your love every day with your words of affirmation or vows customised on our Preserved Floral Photograph Frames. For greater sentimentality, add a photograph (it's complimentary!) of a special shared memory. A keepsake gift to make love visible and personalised to your relationship. Available in four floral designs - Éternelle (as pictured, symbolising eternal love and passion), Jardín (as pictured, symbolising an ever blooming garden of love), Pureté and Amour.


"I Love You" for your partner could mean complete, undivided attention when spending time together, including quality conversations and activities.

If needed, create some cosy vibes by playing your favourite shared playlist of songs in the background with our Customised Preserved Floral Bluetooth Speakers.



A thoughtful gift with a personal touch conveys the effort and care behind the gift. Gifts and the gifting experience create shared moments which are treasured greatly and reminisced fondly upon.


Our passion and expertise lies in helping you craft a variety of Customised Gifts and Gift Sets for your loved ones - for all occasions, personalities, and budget. Complete with handwritten notes :) We are here to help!



Lightening the load of your loved ones makes your love visible tangibly, especially when you take the initiative. Small actions count when you see them through.

 holders work desk WFH singapore gifts celebloons customised   customised mugs singapore celebloons

Take on the responsibility of keeping work areas and tabletops tidy with our Customised Terrazzo Holders. Or surprise a loved one with his/her daily needed drink in our variety of Customised Mugs for different preferences (e.g. beer mug, coffee mug, wine glass, we got it all!). Remember to use our coasters too - if not, you can also help to wipe the table :)



The simplest touches can convey your concern, presence and love - a warm hug, an encouraging pat on the back, and an arm over the shoulder.

diffuser mountain gifts for him celebloons customised singapore.  diffusers preserved flowers singapore celebloons

 Set time aside for an endearing cuddle on the couch while relaxing and rejuvenating through diffusing your favourite essential oil scents in our Customised Mountain Scenery Diffuser or our Customised Preserved Floral Diffusers which are in a variety of floral colours. Comes with cosy warm lights too. Create your own zen sanctuary :)


We hope our take above comes in handy when you are picking a gift for your significant other, especially during this Valentine's Day. Do check out our Valentine's Day collection here - enjoy 15% off with "VDAY2022", ends 9 February 2022.

A gift need not be expensive. It needs to be thoughtful, personal and from the heart. Wishing you many heartfelt connections with your loved ones <3


Sue, Celebloons



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