Thank You, Dearest Mummy - Gifts #MomWouldApprove

Thank You, Dearest Mummy - Gifts #MomWouldApprove

This Mothers' Day, we invited our community to share their about their stories with their mummies and we are thankful for Shelley's heartwarming response! :')

P.S. We remember Shelley and her mom, Adelene, fondly as she had ordered gifts from us for her mom when she was studying overseas, and she also helped her mom order gifts for her friend!

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Shelley: My mum has always been very involved in my life since young. Be it as a member of the parent support group and even volunteering to help out at my CCA events when I was in pri and secondary sch. 

"She was my number 1 supporter at all events."

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Shelley: As the only child, we've always shared a close relationship and I'd talk to her about literally anything under the sun. When I went overseas for my studies at 17yo, it didn't change. We still video called daily, and I'd literally call her for the silliest things.

"My call log could have 10 records in 1 day, some going as long as an hr and some as short as seconds."

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Shelley: My fondest memory was the day I queued up for bbt and didn't know what to order - so I called her from many miles away to ask " should I drink green tea or milk tea" . She was clearly speechless but told me to order green tea 😂. Similar I was already queueing for coffee 1 day when I asked her " should I drink coffee?" When she said no I automatically turned around and left the queue.. but 5 seconds later I went " but mum but I want to drink coffee!"😂 

"The longer conversations sometimes just involve me turning on the camera and just wanting some company while I did my own things - like studying or cooking."

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Shelley: I'm always so grateful to have her around - for all the little secrets we share, the random hugs and moments I just want to cling on to her and for her just being someone I can call at any time of the day (although maybe not after 12mn if not she'll wake up in shock and panic that something happened to me).

"...for all the little secrets we share, the random hugs and moments I just want to cling on to her..."

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Shelley: She's my best friend and my favourite shopping buddy and makan pal (because hey I'm her child and we have similar tastes hehe) with people often mistaking me as her sister because she's so youthful (":

"Love my momma and I wouldn't be where I am without her. Thank you for giving your 110% in looking after me. Now that I've started work, I'll look after you (":"


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A heartfelt Mothers' Day tribute from Shelley to her mummy, and we are thankful to be able to share this with you. Mothers' Day is less than a week away and we hope to be able to celebrate with you! Thank your mummy this Mothers’ Day with an endearing & everlasting customised gift 💐  Thoughtful gifts that #MomWouldApprove & let your love be felt even after Mothers' Day! 

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With love, 

Sue, Celebloons

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