#TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends! - Meet Pretty Poke Nails

#TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends! - Meet Pretty Poke Nails

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.‚ÄĚ

In our second post of this series of #TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends, featuring the makers behind our collaborations, we had a chat with Maryanne, the founder of Pretty Poke Nails! We are big fans of convenient beauty solutions ourselves and have been using stick-on nails from other brands for a few years already. Hence, can you imagine our excitement to try out Pretty Poke Nails' nail wraps and find out that the designs and quality meet our expectations? Gimme a high five, sis!

Read on to learn more about Maryanne's brand philosophy, her favourite self-care activities, and her personal favourite gift set from our Celebloons x Pretty Poke Nails gift sets to Thank, Encourage, Appreciate, and Celebrate someone!

1. Why did you start Pretty Poke Nails?

Pretty Poke Nails started in September 2020 during the pandemic while I was browsing for nail wraps on Shopee to replace a salon manicure. I was bored of bare nails but could not find any that were of good quality or styles that matched my aesthetic. So, I ended up creating my own!

Art was something I was always passionate about, so I learned how to use digital art tools that allowed me to create the nail art designs now featured in our Originals Collection.

I personally love neutral, muted colours and botanical art, so you’ll find lots of designs like those on our site. We try to create nail wraps that look realistic, like nail art you can get at the salon but are too expensive or complicated to do.   

We also experiment with new colourways and styles regularly to expand our range and cater to those with different preferences! (PS we occasionally do polls on our Instagram Stories to keep up to date with your preferences so please do participate in those to help us create styles you love!¬†ūüėä )

2. What do you wish your customers would experience when they wear your nail wraps?

We believe that a fresh set of nails has the power to bring confidence, express individuality and elevate your unique style. Pretty Poke Nails was created to make having pretty nails easy and accessible. We hope that when our customers put on our nail wraps, the nail art they chose to wear will bring a sense of joy and serve as a reminder to always celebrate themselves.

Our customers are ladies of all ages and are looking for unique and affordable nail art designs and non-toxic alternatives to traditional manicure. They are mothers, students, office ladies, brides, bridesmaids, healthcare workers, nail biters, those that cannot wear nail polish for religious reasons etc - we hope it can be you too! 

3. What keeps you and the brand going?

The support and love from the small business community we’ve found through Pretty Poke Nails and when the customers love our designs! A lot of what we do is based around the feedback or customers sharing what they like / don’t like and it’s always encouraging when we receive love notes telling us how much joy our nail wraps brought them! We feel affirmed for the work gone into designing and curating our nail wraps and that really fuels us. Of course, we are so also ever so thankful for the other small businesses we’ve collaborated with and have contributed to our growth along the way!

4. What are some self-care activities you enjoy doing?

Applying nail wraps! Hahaha besides that I also enjoy going out for random walks, spending time with loved ones, listening to music ‚Äď basically creating time to unwind and rest, this is so important for everyone!

5. We enjoyed pairing your nail wraps with our gifts a lot and we think they make such useful gifts! What would be your personal favourite gift set from our collaboration to thank, encourage, appreciate, or celebrate someone? 

This is so hard to choose because Celebloons has so many combinations but if I really have to pick, I will definitely go for the set that has everything. 

I love that with this option I can personalize the terrazzo mug and the dried flower dome which would be a great addition to any workspace or room!¬†ūüė䬆¬†Get the Gemstone Terrazzo nail wrap option so you can have matching nails with Celebloons' Pink-red Terrazzo Mug while you sip on tea!

6. Anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

We are really friendly and always on the lookout for new nail inspirations so feel free to flood our inbox with pretty nails inspo!¬†ūüė䬆Thanks for reading about us and thank you Celebloons for sharing our story!¬†‚̧¬†

Happy to have Maryanne and Pretty Poke Nails in our #TEAwithCELEBLOONS & Friends journey and to add something practical and pretty to our gift sets for our customers to thank, encourage, and appreciate someone, or themselves! We really find their nail wraps so much more convenient, time-saving and affordable, given the intricate designs which will take 1 - 2 hours at the salon. Designer manicure in 15 minutes - just Peel, Stick, File! Your friend who is too busy for some self-care would really appreciate this gift. 
We currently stock four of Pretty Poke Nails' nail wrap designs:
Touch Of Earth - Painted strokes of neutral earthy tones and splashes of gold, this earthy palette for everyday nails can be styled up or down; a definite staple for the neutral lovers!

Gemstone Terrazzo - Modern color palette of the terrazzo pieces and silver foil elements adds to the playfulness and character of this set and introduces a unique twist to this classic print.

Dancing Petals - Lively brushstrokes in warm, earthy tones and light gold on a muted base. Contrasted with solid white for extra sophistication and charm, this set is perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear.

Enchanted Forest¬†-¬†Watercolor leaves in cool, muted hues of slate blue and dusty green ūüćɬ† Highlighted with silver foil for that ethereal vibe, this timeless design is perfect for all seasons!


See more of our collaboration on our Instagram Highlights and tips and tricks on how to apply the nail wraps on our Celebloons x Pretty Poke Nails collection page :) Spot the Instagram Stories of our own nails with their nail wraps too - one of our favourite TEA-time activity!
Come have #TEAwithCELEBLOONS soon, and let our beloved creations be part of your treasured stories and memories :)

To winning at pretty and fuss-free nails with you, 


Thank, Encourage, Appreciate, Celebrate
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