Forever Grateful For A Teacher Like You - Gifts to Thank, Encourage and Appreciate

Forever Grateful For A Teacher Like You - Gifts to Thank, Encourage and Appreciate


One of our favourite occasions to celebrate in the year - Teachers' Day! It is heartwarming to know that every gift we help our customers to customise is going out to someone who has been putting in the HEART and HARD work into nurturing our little ones and youths. And the thoughts our customers put in to think of what best to get them also inspires us to curate gifts that are meaningful and creative for our teachers, especially for our returning customers (ever grateful!).


One or two months back when we were deciding gifts to include in our 2021 Teachers' Day collection, we conducted a series of Instagram Story polls to ask our followers what they think teachers would like. Here were the results:


Our love-hate relationship with this business: Variety! Indeed, everyone has different preferences so we continually strive to maintain a curated yet diverse spread of gifts for every occasion and every personality


Hope you like our 2021 Teachers' Day collection, based on the poll results above! Use "TQCHER" at check-out for 10% off the collection, till 6 Aug!


1. *NEW* Travel-themed Terrariums


We miss travelling, period. And we know, teachers, especially. This new collection in our range was inspired by the poll results for a gift that includes plants, and which feeds teachers' wanderlust! We hope this gift helps to bring back some good memories and revive conversations of the places and people of the countries they've visited and encourage everyone to keep the faith that things will get better soon for the world with the efforts by everyone. 


Know which is your teachers'/colleagues' fondest country to visit? Time to find out! We also have a few travelling-themed ones - e.g. this photographer everyone turns into when travelling! 
Available in 12 terrarium designs here - Japan, London, France, Travelling Cat, Photography Cat, China, Santorini, Arctic, Safari, Desert, Hobbiton, Mountains. 


2. *NEW* Crystal Candles and gift sets, in collaboration with the rituals co.
We received a crystal candle from the rituals co. as a Christmas gift last year from a dear friend and we fell in love immediately! The soothing scent of their Lavender and Sage candle, together with the calmness the Purple Amethyst crystal brings, sparked ideas in our ever-chaotic minds to go, "This would make a lovely addition to a gift set for anyone!"


And we think your teachers would appreciate it too, something practical and healing for mind and body wellness. Handmade in small batches with your wellness in mind, we have brought in the mini and regular-sized candles and in four scents and crystal combinations: Pear and Freesia (our new love), Lavender and Sage, Rose Bouquet, and Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Pair the candles with our customised gifts for a personalised touch, view our curated gift sets here.

Gifts carry our well-wishes, so how about a gift of wellness and self-care for your teachers? Either to wind down or at least to lift their moods when they plan for your lessons or mark your scripts! Available here as individual candles or as a gift set.


3. *NEW* Mini and Regular Preserved Flowers Glass Domes


Flowers have always been a staple in gifting and we love having preserved floral creations as gifts! We launched our large customised preserved floral glass domes earlier this year and some customers were keen in smaller ones to gift their group of friends! And we think these mini and regular preserved floral glass domes would make nifty affordable little gifts or additions to any of our gift items to achieve a great balance of practicality and endearment! We especially love the longevity and practicality of a dome with preserved florals as compared to a wrapped bouquet too - we can picture them on any desk or stand!

Available in 3 mini and 3 regular preserved floral designs here - Pink, Latte, Lavender, Burnt Orange and Pink, White and Latte, Blue and White.


4. *NEW* Customised Terrazzo Holders


An elegant addition to desks, TV consoles or shelves, our terrazzo rectangular holders help in the organisation of stationery, home items and small electronic appliances! A lot more mileage for your storage, compared to trays! #instaworthy for that #aesthetic teacher! 


Available in 3 designs here - Pink-Black, Black-Grey and Multi-colour.


5. *NEW* Customised Light Pink Brushstroke and Terrazzo Mugs with Lids and Spoons
We have many mugs in our range already but as 43% of our poll respondents think teachers would still like to receive mugs, we decided to bring in these two new mugs, in brushstroke and terrazzo. Oh so chic! Available here.


6. Customised Terrazzo Mugs with Lids and Spoons, Customised Marble Mugs 
These mugs need no introduction if you have been following our Instagram - they are well-loved by our customers for any and every occasion! You won't go wrong with a practical gift with a timeless design. 


Available in 2 designs here for Terrazzo Mugs - Pink-red and Green. Available in 2 designs here for Marble Mugs - Pink and White. 


7. Customised Terrazzo Coasters
One of our most popular mass gifting options - customised terrazzo coasters! They also act as paper holders and lovely displays :) Some customers have paired these coasters with our mini preserved floral gifts for Teachers Day before. This year, we have our mini preserved floral glass domes for pairing. 


Available in 4 designs here - Red, Green, Pink, Multi-colour.


8. Customised Trinket Trays


For your teachers to store and display their little trinkets on their work desk or at home, we have a range of these delicate gifts for customisation. 


Available in 4 designs here - Rose Gold Mini Heart, Gold Mini Heart, Gold Oblong, Mermaid Shell


9. Customised Adjustable Height Handphone Stands


Launched two years ago as part of our Teachers' Day Collection, this adjustable height handphone stand is a testament to the demand for practical and well-designed gifts with a customised touch! We use ours EVERYDAY and the adjustable height has helped saved our necks. We know our customers use it to watch shows, film they mukbang/Tiktok videos, and basically to be more hands-free lah!


Available in 3 designs here - Pink, Silver and Black.


10. Customised Mermaid Tail Handphone Stands


Ending our featured gifts of our 2021 Teachers' Day collection with this customised mermaid tail handphone stand - a magical and whimsical touch to brighten your teachers' day (and desks!) We especially love the emerald green and white ones for the added elevated and classy look! 


Available in 3 designs here - Emerald Green, White, Pink.


Complimentary Reusable Gift Pouches and Cards
All your teachers' day gifts will come with our complimentary "Thank, Encourage, Appreciate" reusable gift pouches (don't waste wrapping paper!), and a card for you to write your message on the back.


Hope you like our 2021 Teachers' Day collection, lovingly thought of and designed from our hearts! Use "TQCHER" at check-out for 10% off the collection, till 6 Aug. Do order as soon as possible too so that we can ensure there is stock for you!

With love, 

Customised gifts to Thank, Encourage and Appreciate 

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