7 Gift Ideas To Thank Your Co-Workers

7 Gift Ideas To Thank Your Co-Workers

Leaving your company or team for a new adventure? Get some inspiration from this blog post on what some of our customers have picked as farewell gifts to thank their colleagues/team mates! A heartwarming act of appreciation through a specially customised gift 💝 


1. Customised Terrazzo Holders

"I’ve been searching for the appropriate gift for a while. I like the design of your gifts." - G

These terrazzo holders ordered by G sure make presentable and work-appropriate gifts for your co-workers! We love the timeless terrazzo design, as well as the handmade and sturdy nature of this gift. Great for their work desk organisation and elevation or they can use it at home on their study or vanity table for other accessories. 

Available in 3 designs here


2. Customised Preserved Floral Domes

farewell gifts singapore

"Thank you for helping me grow."

Wouldn't that make a really meaningful message behind this gift of preserved roses? Our preserved floral domes were picked by our customer, Q, to thank her dear colleagues and supervisors, before she left her workplace. We love how they are everlasting in nature and can easily be displayed on the recipients' desks as compared to traditional bouquets. The glass dome also keeps the flowers additionally pristine and dust-free. Customisable too with their names for a personal touch!

Our floral domes are available in a few colours and sizes - have a look!


3. Customised Marble Mugs

mug farewell gift singapore

Make a guess - how many marble mugs are there in this farewell gift order?

Our marble mugs are one of our most popular mass gifting choices as they are versatile, functional and timeless in design. Explains why M placed an order of 30 of our customised white marble mugs for her colleagues as a farewell gift! Say "bye" to the Missing Coffee Mug Problem in offices.

mug farewell singapore customised gift mug farewell singapore customised gift

This marble mug design is also available in pink here.

We have other customised mugs here in our range, perhaps you can consider different designs for different colleagues depending on their preference :)


4. Customised Mermaid Tail Handphone Stand

farewell singapore customised gift

"Mermaids don't lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp." — Unknown

Something fanciful for your mer-mazing friends in office before you leave your battlefield? Consider our cute lil' mermaid tail handphone stands, bound to make an impression while being totally useful at the same time. The next time there is an office battle, they'll think of you and harness your magic.

Available in three colours here - what would be your favourite?

P.s. Our emerald green ones always get sold out quickly. Yes it is magical enough being a mermaid, but who doesn't want to feel like A ROYAL MERMAID?? Put your fins up if you agree!


5. Customised Terrazzo-Print Diatomite Coasters

coaster farewell singapore customised gift

Looking for a nifty little gift for everyone in office before you leave? Something that isn't too out of your budget and can be customised? Our customised coasters are your best pick! Affordably priced, functional, unisex colours, and with a timeless design. The best part - the diatomite material can absorb water, unlike their marble counterparts! Comes with a cork bottom too to protect your tabletops. 

coaster farewell singapore customised gift

Works well as a paperweight too for the endless paperwork (*coughs).

Comes in four designs here. Red and green are our best-sellers!


6. Customised Mini Heart Trinket Tray

For the ones who always remembered to "jio" you for lunch, who survived late nights with you, and who brought you a snack when you were grumpy after a meeting! These mini heart trinket trays are cute little gifts for them as a symbolism of the love and gratitude you have for them. Great for their little accessories and jewellery, or simply paper clips in office haha.

Available in our ever-popular rose gold design and gold.


7. Customised Adjustable Height Handphone Stands

"Something very practical, please." There you go - our customised adjustable height handphone stands is your answer to something that one doesn't think he/she needs it until he/she has it. #truestory

We reach out for ours EVERY DAY and oops we even have a few lying around on our different tables and for our different devices. They are perfect for hands-free multi-tasking, and the adjustable height helps to prevent unnecessary strain on the neck. Sssshh good for multi-tasking during video calls too, everyone can see your phone sometimes when you accidentally lift it too high y'know?

Our phone stands are available in silver, pink and black - take your pick!


One big reason why we take on such a wide range of gifts on our store is so that we can be a one-stop shop for your gifting needs. Take a look below at the range of gifts our customers picked as farewell appreciation gifts for her colleagues - there is something for every personality :) Gifting is a heartwarming and fuss-free experience with us at www.celebloons.com!



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