10 Gifts for our Fatherly Figures

10 Gifts for our Fatherly Figures

Do you remember when's Fathers' Day? It's in two weekends time! If you need some help thanking, encouraging and appreciating the fatherly figures in your lives, we hope this post of ours can give you some inspiration! Give your dad, father of your child, father-in-law, grandpa, godpa etc. a surprise while staying home and safe <3 Read till the end for a promo code ;)

1. Customised Terrazzo Holder

An elegant addition to desks, TV consoles or shelves, this terrazzo rectangular holder helps in the organisation of stationery, home items and small electronic appliances! A lot more mileage for storage, compared to trays. We hope the dads love the black-grey colour way and industrial vibes of this terrazzo holder!

2. Customised Green Terrazzo Mug with Lid and Spoon

Mugs make for practical gifts to thank, encourage and appreciate someone! Not to mention this aesthetically pleasing terrazzo green design for the dads! They would appreciate the matching lid and spoon too. Imagine him sippin' his morning coffee or tea and going, "Wah shiok! Cos my son/daughter give me one!"

3. Customised Rounded White Marble Mug 

Mugs are our specialty, definitely! This classic and timeless white marble design is our best-seller, for a good reason! "This kopi, gao!"

4. Customised Beer Mug

Ok one last mug, and this is definitely for the good times! The dads deserve some chugging this Fathers' Day, made even better with their unique customised beer mug! Bottoms up with your dads! 

5. Customised Adjustable Height and Rotatable Phone Stand

Perfect for anyone who uses their phone or tablets to perform a variety of tasks! a WFH essential for the dads or just for them to sit back and enjoy the Zoom call with you or Youtube videos without fussing over how to position their phones! The adjustable height helps to avoid unnecessary strain on their necks that is caused by other phone stands in the market which are too low. The stand also has a dial which allows rotation to a degree and angle that suits them. Available in black and silver, this customised adjustable height and rotatable phone stand is definitely one gift he wouldn't mind more of!

6. Customised Wooden Accessories Holder  

Great for the stylish dads who appreciate pairing their outfits with the right accessories! This customised wooden accessories holder, with watch pillows, helps them keep their watches and other accessories in pristine condition.

7. Customised Terrazzo Coaster 

Get our customised terrazzo coasters on their own or pair them with our terrazzo mugs to thank, encourage and appreciate the dads! No gift is too small, as long as it is from the heart <3

8. Customised Black Splatter Coaster 

Another alternative for coasters is this black splatter abstract piece! Available in limited pieces. 

9. Customised Gold Oblong Trinket Tray

Customise a gold oblong trinket tray for the dads to help them organise their work desks or to house some of their daily trinkets such as keys. We love the gold shine to this!

10. Customised Gift Sets

Put together your own gift set for your dad by following the steps here or pick one from our curated sets. Rally your siblings! 

Shop our curated range of practical yet aesthetically pleasing customised gifts for the superheroes in your life! Take 10% off the collection with the code “PAPADAY”. All our single-item gifts come with complimentary "Thank, Encourage, Appreciate" canvas gift pouches, with card and topper available as add-ons. Do order by 16th June to be in time for delivery to thank, encourage and appreciate your dad, father of your child, father-in-law, grandpa, godpa etc!

On a parting note, no matter what gift you prepare or even if you don't get any gift at all, remember to spend some quality time with them, be it face-to-face or virtual this Fathers' Day <3

With love, 

Customised gifts to Thank, Encourage and Appreciate 

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