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Sustainable Gift Packaging

We have made a deliberate choice to reduce single-use packaging while ensuring your gifts are packed presentably and delivered safely to you and the people you care about! Find out more about how your gifts will be packed and the options here.

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Member Rewards

Our mission is to help you thank, encourage and appreciate people you care about and we thought we should Thank, Encourage and Appreciate you too! Find out here how you can earn and redeem your TEAonUS (pun intended). You can find out your available TEAonUS points here or via the gift icon on the bottom left of your screen after signing in to your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a query about our gifts, ordering process, lead time, shipping fees or payment? Take a look here at our responses to some of the commonly asked questions other customers have had. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you need!

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Testimonials and Features

It means a lot to us when our gifts bring the joy, warmth and personal touch to you and the ones your care about, even if it is just a little bit! Read the kind words here about their experiences.

Thank, Encourage and Appreciate with Celebloons - it's our honour truly!

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Our Journal

We hope to make your gift-giving experiences more seamless, joyous and purposeful. Take a quick read at our recommendations and thoughts that we hope will be of help to you here. We are always on the look-out for content that will value-add your experience. Do hit us up if you have any suggestions!


An initiative that was revived in 2021 as part of COVID-19, we hope to bring you cheer with some perks every week. There are featured gifts on sale every week, discounted Grab Bags or giveaways for our Instagram followers! 

Join Team #NoBluesWithCelebloons!

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Store Policies

Find out more about our Shipping, Returns and Privacy Policies, and our Terms of Service here.

Thank, Encourage, Appreciate and Celebrate with Us!

Our Philosophy

 Thank, Encourage, Appreciate, Celebrate every occasion with you

Our Gifts

Customisation, Functionality, Aesthetics, Creativity

Our Service

Warmth, Joy, Personal Touch

Giving Back 

Have TEAonUS with every occasion we get to celebrate with you - your birthday included

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